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What Is OpenAL App? Is It Safe To Uninstall OpenAL?
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What Is OpenAL App? Is It Safe To Uninstall OpenAL? 

Article in a short!
What is openAL on my computer?
What is openAL used for?
OpenAL should I remove it?
How to remove OpenAL
Is openAL a virus or malware?

You might have at some point heard about OpenAL or maybe you have seen it installed on your PC but you don’t know if you should keep the application or get rid of it. If that’s the case you’re not alone. Many people aren’t sure why openAL is on their computer.

On the other hand, some users are using this application for audio quality enhancement, simulating attenuation, etc. In this article we shed more light on openAL so that you know whether you need the app or not, so read on.

What is openAL on my computer?

OpenAL stands for Open Audio library. OpenAL is a cross-platform Application Programming Interface whose main purpose is to enhance audio quality on audio-based apps. OpenAL is usually used with gaming apps. It is also used with a variety of other audio applications.

With OpenAL, your gaming experience is made perfect as OpenAL enhances the sound effect of your game. One of the most popular openAL games is Alien Flux. Initially, OpenAL was developed by Liki software but now Creative Technology owns it.

OpenAL was developed in such a way that it functions like OpenGL. This means that if you are well versed with OpenGL you may not face difficulties using OpenAL

What is openAL used for?

OpenAL is one of the best software to have on your PC if you use audio-based apps.  The OpenAL app was designed to improve and replace three-dimensional audio systems like EAX. This app enhances 3D audio quality output. In other words, we can say OpenAL is used to render multichannel three-dimensional positional audio.

Many OpenAL users describe OpenAL as that tool you need if you want a great experience playing games or while using other programs that use OpenAL. It is indeed a must-have app if you’re using hardware such as a sound card or graphics card.

OpenAL can do simulating attenuation. Another thing that OpenAL is also capable of is the Droppler effect and material densities. If you want to add realism to video games, OpenAL is the perfect tool.

Should I remove OpenAL?

Some people may believe that OpenAL serves no purpose on a computer. However, OpenAL is pretty important as it is needed by some applications on your computer. You may not need to uninstall OpenA since it won’t cause any harm to your machine. If you have gaming apps installed on your PC, OpenAL can offer you 3D realism.

Perhaps you want to uninstall OpenAL for whatever reason and you fear that this may cause harm to your pc you need not worry. Even though the app comes to you with the audio card, removing OpenAL is safe. Below we show you how to remove OpenAL.

How to remove OpenAL

If you don’t plan on using the OpenAL app or you just want to remove it, the ball is in your court. You can do it safely and it won’t cause harm to your computer. However, you should know that in the future if you want to use a file that requires OpenAL such as high-end games you may encounter an error.

By following some simple steps you can safely remove OpenAL from your PC.  First, go start and navigate to the control panel and click on it. Under programs you will see all programs installed on your computer will be displayed on the screen. Now click Uninstall a program and remove OpenAL.

How to download  and install OpenAL.exe

If OpenAL is not installed on your pc but you want to reap its benefits, you may want to download and install it. Installing OpenAL also fixes the OpenAL32.dll missing error. Having said this, if you encounter an OpenAL32.dll error you have a good reason to download and install OpenAL.

To download OpenAL visit the OpenAL official site to see all the available downloads. Hit the download button and in no time the download will be complete. When the download is complete you’ll be prompted to install the app. Hit the install button and OpenAL will be installed on your PC.

Use Driver Booster to scan and update missing files

You can use Driver Booster to scan your PC and see if OpenAL is installed on your machine or if it’s not outdated. After finding out that OpenAL is outdated, the driver booster tool also allows you to update OpenAL.

To use Driver Booster first download and install it. When the installation is complete now run the application and scan your pc. When you find OpenAL hit the update button to update the software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is openAL a virus or malware?

OpenAL is not a virus and will not harm your computer in any way. It’s a software program mainly used to enhance audio quality in various audio applications. Unlike viruses, OpenAL won’t take much of your computer’s processor’s memory. It also won’t cause any performance issues on your computer.

Is OpenAL dead?

OpenAL is not dead, at least not yet. It’s still pretty popular and widely used with a variety of audio applications especially gaming applications. Many users have reported having a pleasant experience with the OpenAL program. OpenAL is very much alive and it may be here to stay.

A Final Overview of The Matter

OpenAL is pretty useful on your pc since it acts as an amplifier that enhances the quality of audio when you’re using audio-based apps like gaming apps. It’s the ultimate tool for gamers who want to have a great experience playing their favorite games. Many video gamers love the app because it adds realism to video games.

If you want this app you can download it easily on its official site and install it. In the event that you want to get rid of the application, you need not worry. You can do it easily and it won’t cause any harm to your machine. By following the above-mentioned steps you can uninstall the app easily. OpenAL is one of the audio enhancers you may need to try out. Good luck!

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