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What is IaStorA.sys? How To Fix IaStorA Sys Error?
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What is IaStorA.sys? How To Fix IaStorA Sys Error? 

IastorA.sys is one of the files you may encounter on the Windows OS. The file runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It’s an important component of the Intel Application Accelerator Driver. The Intel Application Accelerator Driver was developed by the Intel Corporation and is used as a driver for Windows. To learn more about this file, read on.

How IaStorA.sys works

The file iaStorA.sys is responsible for the management of RAID devices, thereby ensuring file integrity.  It helps access the hardware and software of Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) devices. RAID is a form of hard drive arrangement. In this system of Arrangement, the similar data is copied onto many hard drives, a technique that helps in backing up data. 

In other words, the iaStor.sys file connects the information on your PC to hardware components. This ensures the smooth running of applications on your system. You may not know that this file is running on your system because it runs in Windows background. Some users have reported having noticed the existence of the file on their system when they were notified of some iaStor.sys related errors.

Errors associated with IaStorA.sys

Although the file iaStorA.sys usually doesn’t cause any harm to your system, it is often associated with some errors. These errors occur because of the iaStor.sys file has not been configured properly or because the hardware is faulty. Iastor.sys errors can lead to performance issues.

Common iaStor.sys errors include the Blue Screen of Death, CMUSBDAC.SYS error, iaStor.sys BSOD error and many others. The good news, however, is that the errors can be fixed quite easily. Below we show you how to fix iaStor.sys errors.

How to fix IaStorA.sys blue screen Error

There are many tricks you can try out to fix iaStor.sys related errors. Many users reported that iaStor.sys errors are easy to fix. To fix the errors you can reset your PC. The other method used to correct iaStor.sys errors are to change the SATA Operation Setting from RAID auto Detect. Removing IRST drivers and updating drivers are also effective ways of fixing the issue. Let’s look at these methods in detail.

  • Change the SATA Operation Setting from RAID Auto-detect

You can fix iaStorA.sys related errors by changing the SATA Operation Setting from RAID Auto detect. To do this click on Restart to reboot your PC and hit the ESC button. Make sure to press the ESC button before your PC enters the BIOS setup.

Next locate in the system setup window, the Drivers section. Press the Enter button. Now locate and open the SATA Operation. Next, go to RAID Auto detect and press on it. Now click save and exit BIOS.

  • Removing IRST drivers

Users have reported that iastor.sys errors such as iaStor.sys failed error can be fixed by removing IRST Drivers. To do this press Windows key+R and the run dialogue will be opened. Now in the dialogue box, type devmgmt.msc and click Ok.

Next, go and expand IDE ATA controllers which you find in the Device Manager Window. Choose each item to be uninstalled and right-click on it. Follow the on-screen prompts to continue.

  • Update driver

You can also fix the errors by updating the driver. To do this go to and download an up-to-date driver appropriate for your Windows version.

Note: You can also reset your computer to fix iaStor.sys error.

Is IaStorA.sys a virus?

The file iaStor.sys is genuine and can be trusted. As mentioned earlier the file is useful as it allows smooth running of some applications. However, often some malware can camouflage themselves as time iaStorA.sys file.

If you’re facing issues concerning the iaStor.sys file you might want to consider checking if the file is not a virus. To do this check the file location of the file. If the file is legitimate you’ll find it in the C:\Windows\System32\ drivers folder. If the file location says otherwise, then this may be a virus.

If it’s a virus it can be harmful to your pc so you should get rid of it as soon as possible. You can use an antivirus tool to detect and remove the virus. An example of an effective antivirus software program to consider using is AntiMalwarebytes.

How to prevent IaStorA.sys from loading

Before you disable or remove iaStor.sys, you should know that this may cause problems with the RAID devices associated with the file. However, if you’re tired of seeing the file loading up each time you log on to Windows or don’t intend to use RAID devices, you may want to disable it or remove it permanently. To do this you can uninstall it or just disable it.

Use startup Control Panel to prevent iaStor.sys from startup –We recommend you to use the Startup Control Panel, a tool that you can download online. Running this tool will help you to disable iaStor.sys correctly and prevent it from starting upon Windows startup.

Another option is to simply delete iaStor.sys from its location C:\Windows\System32\drivers.

Use Windows Task Manager to disable iaStor.sys – If you don’t want to remove the file completely from your system you can disable it by launching Windows Task Manager. To launch it click Ctrl+Alt+Del then choose processes. Now find iaStor.sys from the list and right-click on it. Now choose the End process option.

Use misconfig to disable iaStor.sys – Perhaps you want to disable iaStor.sys permanently, then follow the following steps: Click Start, launch Run, type misconfig, and hit the OK button. Go to the next window and choose the Startup tab. Go to the check box for iaStor.sys and uncheck it. Now click Apply, then OK. After that restart your PC.

Delete iaStor.sys from its location – Another option is to simply delete iaStor.sys from its location C:\Windows\System32\drivers. This method will remove the file from your system permanently. However, make sure you have a backup facility in case something happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I delete iaStor SYS?

Yes, you can delete the file iaStor SYS. You should do this when you do not plan to use RAID now or in the near future. If you want to use it, deleting the file can cause some features of RAID to not function properly.

How do I fix iaStor SYS?

To fix iaStor SYS you can uninstall RSTI drivers. The other method is to update the Intel Rapid Storage Technology Drivers. Resetting your computer is another effective way to correct iaStor SYS.

Is iastor.sys safe?

As the iastor.sys file is not a virus or other else like spyware, trojan, so it is absolutely safe. There is official proof that considered threat to your computer.

Overall threat: No

Spyware: No

Trojan: No

Virus: No


The file iaStor.sys is important as it manages RAID devices. It also aids in file integrity. However, often the file can cause a number of errors if it’s not configured properly. By following the aforementioned methods you can easily fix the errors. More so, if you want to get rid of the file or disable it, you can follow the steps mentioned earlier.

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