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What is Click Fraud and How Do You Prevent It?
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What is Click Fraud and How Do You Prevent It? 

Click fraud is the biggest threat to the growth of the advertising world. It is a deceptive technique that is costing marketers thousands every year. Also, it doesn’t only affect high-profile businesses but hurts small companies too. However, just like sanitation and personal hygiene, they’re steps you can take to eradicate the problem.

There are some software designed to meet every users’ needs to prevent this dangerous phenomenon that is plaguing Pay Per Click (PPC) market. Click fraud protection can help to stop this problem immediately and protects your future campaigns. So if your company is participating in PPC advertising, you can be assured you’re dealing with real humans. In this article, we’ll have a look at what click fraud really is and how to get rid of it.

What’s a clicker fraud?

Click fraud is the process of clicking on Pay Per Click ads in an illegal manner in order to artificially boost site revenue or to exhaust a competitor’s advertising budget. This one is not the same as invalid clicks because it is done on purpose, intending to harm, also has no chances for the advert to lead to a successful sale.

You may be wondering how all this can take place. Well, there are different techniques involved in this. Click fraud happens with PPC ads and may be done by advanced software or simple automated script pretending to be a genuine user and click on paid search ad without real intent to place an order.

Additionally, click fraud can be done by humans. Mostly when click fraud is performed by humans, it can be performed by an individual or a group hired to click on the ads. This is typically known as click farm. All these two main types of click fraud which is manual and automated are very dangerous. Therefore you need to understand and be able to identify click fraud.

How do you identify click fraud?

Generally, click fraud occurs anytime targeting both small and big businesses in a variety of ways. To spot it, you need to do manual checks on your advert campaign. Here are 2 common that you keep an eye on.

A sudden increase in unusual traffic

You need to check the analytics of your site on whether the traffic is from the same IP or not especially if it’s a surge in unusual traffic. If you notice that it’s the same IP address that has been frequently visiting your site, then this might be a sign of click fraud. Sometimes the traffic will be from a certain location that is not your targeted market.

Very high click-through rate and very low conversion rate

Aside from a sudden increase in unusual traffic, you may notice a sudden increase in click-through rate (CTR) and a drop in conversion or sale rate. You can easily notice this if you monitor your campaign activity.

How to prevent click fraud?

Even though click fraud is one of the complex technology, you can easily prevent. Here are a few steps that you can follow

Understand your competitors

One of the crucial things to do in PPC advertising is to familiarize yourself with your competitors. Studies show that click fraud is also done by competitors in an effort to sabotage your business. Your main competitors are those who usually come up when you Google search your keywords. Once you’ve compiled the list of your competitors you can use tools such as AdWatcher or ClickForensics to see if they perform fraud click in your ads.

Refine Your Ad Targeting

Limiting your exposure is one of the proven ways to reduce the number of fraudulent clicks. You can run your ads to precise locations as well as demographics. Fraud click is believed to be caused by users in impoverished countries. Thus you need to make sure that your ads are not seen by your potential click fraud offenders. Also, you can try to remarket your campaigns to people who have shown an interest in your company before. Google’s support pages can guide you on running remarketing campaigns.

Closely monitor your campaigns

Always keep an eye for a sudden increase in your campaign activity as well as ad costs because you may not know if there’s anything wrong when you’d never made the comparison. One of the red flag is when your advertising metrics don’t support your present Pay Per Click strategy. Also when having a suspicious high bounce rate which exceeds 70%.

Only target the sites with high value

Usually, low-quality sites are the main source of click fraud. Most of them are connected with automated bots that can target your website as well as your advertisements. So to prevent this issue, you need to ensure that your ads only run on specific websites which have the potential to generate leads.

Invest in an anti-fraud solution

The easiest method you can do to stop click fraud is third-party click fraud detection services. This is the best process that doesn’t need your effort. Using a fraud protection service can help to block any fraudulent activity. Most fraud protection tools come with so many features. You can even get notifications about new competitor whenever someone starts to bid on your keywords.

Final Verdict

In short, if you want to successfully generate leads and promote your business through PPC, you need to be protected from click fraud so that your budget won’t be sucked dry. Also when protected your potential customers could be able to reach your website and you’ll able to make your plans upon real results.

Again if you’re a victim of this deceptive technique, that’s the time for you now to take measures to eliminate click fraud. You can reach out to professional software companies which specializes in eradicating fraud click problem and you’ll be glad about the result. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and what is left now is on your hand to implement the aforementioned solutions.

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