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Ways to Watch Free Streaming Movies on iPhone
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Ways to Watch Free Streaming Movies on iPhone 

Movie lovers prefer to watch videos from the comfort of their homes. Also, they like to access tons of high quality films free of charge. There are free streaming movies iPhone apps that make watching unlimited movies possible.

Free Movie Apps for iPhone

It’s popularly believed iOS devices only have payable apps. Netflix and Hulu are the leading movie platforms in the world. They are subscription platforms, where you have to pay some fees every month. But, today, there are many Apps for streaming free movies on iPhone that allow for unlimited streaming of movies. If you have an iPhone, you can look for these apps, and enjoy viewing high quality movies all day. In this post, we will focus on a number of the most popular movie apps and websites to watch free movies on ipad device users.

Many people believe the only android gadget has free apps. That is not true. There are countless free movie apps for the iPhone.

The leading free iphone movie streaming apps


Showbox is a top-ranked movie app available for different devices. Apart from using it on the iPhone, it can be used on Android and Windows devices too.

The app has fantastic features than you can’t find elsewhere that allows you to get a great experience.

The app allows you to create a watch list where you can save many movies to watch later. The app does not limit you to a specific genre.

The movies are available in full-length and HD quality. Also, the database is updated often, so you can’t miss the latest videos. Download it today on your iPhone, and start enjoying it. 


Snagfilms app offers its users a wide range of movie genres- adventure, family, fiction, action, horror, etc. Everything here is free. So, when you think of accessing movies on your iPhone, think of snagfilms. All the videos are of HD quality and full length. Apart from movies, you can also find TV shows.

If you love movies, then you should consider this app. Stream free movies on the phone anytime from Snagfilms app.

The videos are available in different languages too. You access an unlimited number of movies on this platform. You can watch as many videos as you wish, and save others to watch later.


Are you a fan of anime movies? Can you get anime movies on your iPhone for free? Viewster app is the app you need to install on your iOS gadget and start enjoying movies all day.

Viewster Anime movies app is tailored for viewers to watch free videos in the anime category. The app is top-ranked.  Anime originate from japan. They are today famous across the world.

All the content offered here is legal. The app gives the users a unique feel; than one would get on any other platform. Watch free movies online on the iPhoneusing this app.


With the popcornflix iphone app installed into your device, you don’t have to go to the movie theaters every so often. Essentially, the app is free to use.

The movie database on this app is updated on a daily basis. The movies are full-length and are of high quality. You can also find documentaries on this app, making it a must-have for all users that are interested in specific documentaries.

Importantly, you can share the movie titles you find interesting with your social media followers.

Apart from the app is available for iOS users, it can be used on other operating systems, too; Roku, Android, Samsung TV, etc. Stream free movies on iPhone using popcornflix app


This app contains a limited number of films, but it’s great since the users can access these movies for free. The IMDb is not necessarily an app, but a movie streaming service under the Amazon prime app.

To be able to access this service, you need to open an account with amazon.  The Amazon prime account is not free, but with it, you can download a variety of movies and watch them later offline.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV, an iOS device app, offers more than you can find on others like Netflix. Tubi TV is one of the most popular iPhone movie streaming sites that provide thousands of movies, all for free.

Once you open this app, you realize there is so much you can watch. The app lists some of the best movies and TV shows.

You cannot be bored with this app on your iPhone. It allows you to manage a variety of movie genres you are interested in.


With an iPhone, you can quickly make it a mobile movie theatre by installing the crackle app. Crackle app is one of the most popular free movie sites.

Crackle provides a diverse collection of videos; documentaries, comedy, family movies, Hollywood, TV shows, etc.

With this app, you don’t have to look for movie streaming sites. You will be spoiled for choice when you open this app.

It’s easy to use the app. It allows you to navigate easily as you pick the titles you are interested in. Also, it shows what’s trending at any particular time. You don’t subscribe, nor do you need a cable. Download the app and start using it right away.

You can enjoy watching movies for free on the iPhoneby installing any of the above movie apps. You will be able to view an excellent films from anywhere without going to a movie theatre. The above-listed apps are all great. They offer legal content; therefore, they are safe for users.

On the downside, the free apps are mostly financed through ads. Although the ads are annoying, a free app is much better than paying fees every month to access movies. If your mind paying fees monthly for movie subscription, then you need to consider any of these apps. You can bear with the ads, but get what you want free.

The apps listed above are of high quality, and the people who have used them before always give positive reviews. You can pick and try any of them based on your taste and convenience. Always consider using these apps to watch movies online free iPhone services.

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