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Best Choice to Sync External Hard Drive to OneDrive
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Best Choice to Sync External Hard Drive to OneDrive 

In the realm of cloud computing, the process of cloud sync has revolutionized data management by ensuring up-to-date information across various locations through cloud-based storage providers. With the aid of cloud sync applications, one gains the freedom to access files and folders seamlessly from multiple devices.

You are able to make changes to a file on your work computer and have it instantly updated on your laptop while on a business trip. It’s that simple and convenient. Some key perks of cloud sync encompass cross-device accessibility, seamless file sharing with collaborators, real-time updates, reduced storage costs, and safeguarding personal data privacy within cloud domains.

There are a lot of cloud sync software options for Windows operating systems in the market, it’s possible to feel overwhelmed when selecting the most suitable one. However, do not worry, as we have found the best free cloud sync software. Keep reading to get more information about it.

Opt for OneDrive as Your Premium Sync Destination

Microsoft’s versatile OneDrive is compatible with all computer platforms, and all you need is a OneDrive account to effortlessly sync files between your device and the cloud. Many users augment their storage capacity by utilizing external hard drives. Are you on a quest to synchronize your external hard drive with OneDrive?

Simply connect your external hard drive to the computer and sync it with OneDrive, granting you access to all files from any OneDrive-enabled device. This way, changes made to files on the hard drive can be seamlessly updated across the network.

You can see many benefits of syncing files from the external hard drive to OneDrive including space-saving potential, multi-device accessibility to files synced to the cloud, and enhanced file protection through cloud-based backups. If you’re intrigued by this prospect, read further for a comprehensive guide to achieving this synchronization from an external hard drive to OneDrive.

Best Free Way to Sync External Hard Drive with OneDrive

In the realm of free third-party tools, a standout solution for seamless external hard drive synchronization with OneDrive is a free cloud bacup service named CBackup.

This powerful free cloud backup service facilitates direct and automatic syncing of files from your external hard disk to OneDrive, eliminating the need for manual uploading after each file update.

CBackup seamlessly integrates with various Windows operating systems, from Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and even XP, prioritizing global data security.

With CBackup, you can sync not only your external hard drive but also your C drive and even your entire computer, providing sufficient cloud space.

Say goodbye to manual sync tasks, as CBackup offers scheduled sync options within its sync tasks. Moreover, it extends its support to sync with other popular cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

CBackup has garnered glowing reviews from trusted and authoritative sources, commending its efficiency and security, making it the ideal choice for Windows operating system users seeking reliable backup solutions.

Explore the extensive array of features that CBackup has to offer:

  • PC to Public Cloud Sync: Effortlessly sync your precious computer files with the cloud using CBackup, ensuring that your data is readily available across cloud platforms.
  • PC Data Backup to Public Cloud Services: Safeguard your valuable Windows computer data with ease by backing it up to renowned public cloud services such as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.
  • CBackup’s Cloud Storage: Embrace the advantage of CBackup’s generous 10GB of free cloud storage within the CBackup Cloud, a secure haven for data backups.
  • Storage with Cloud Consolidation: Revel in the freedom of unlimited cloud backup space by consolidating multiple or even unlimited cloud drive accounts into one seamless space.
  • Cloud to Cloud Sync or Backup: Seamlessly transfer and back up your Windows PC data between different cloud drive accounts through a single, user-friendly interface.
  • Infinite Backup Versions: Experience peace of mind as CBackup preserves unlimited versions of your backups, streamlining the file recovery process to revert to any previous version effortlessly.

Sync Your External Hard Drive to OneDrive Step by Step

Follow the simple steps here, you can sync your external hard drive to OneDrive with a few clicks:

Step 1. Downloading the user-friendly CBackup desktop app, creating a free CBackup account, and signing in. Connect your external hard drive to the computer properly.

Step 2. Navigate to the Storage tab, click on “Authorize Now,” and select OneDrive. Confirm the addition, sign in to your OneDrive account, and authorize CBackup’s access to manage your OneDrive files.

Step 3. After successfully adding OneDrive, head to the Sync tab and click on the “Sync PC to Public Cloud” button.

Step 4. Select the folders from your external hard drive that you wish to synchronize and choose a OneDrive folder as the destination for sync on the interface’s right side. Then, press Start Sync for your OneDrive sync task.

Written in the End

The above method provides a free cloud backup service to sync your external hard drive to OneDrive, ensuring your files are securely stored in multiple locations. If your primary concern is file safety, CBackup offers the perfect solution by backing up local files to the cloud. Give it a try and embrace the convenience and security of seamless file synchronization.

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