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How To Search On Google Using Images Or Videos?
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How To Search On Google Using Images Or Videos? 

Since the start of the Google, search engine capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds to near fantasy levels. You no longer have to spend precious time searching for keywords and phrases related to your search query. It’s now possible to paste a search query in the form of a voice, graphic, image, or photo in the Google search engine and get decent results. In this article we talk about how to search on Google using images or videos? Read on.

Reverse Image Search Defined

Google offers an easy and fast way of getting your research in any field done in a matter of minutes through the Google Images options. The app is not only free but easy to use across all web and mobile devices. You only need an image or the link to an image, and you are good to go. No more cumbersome keywords!

You only need to paste the image or the image URL on the search bar on your desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone and click enter. Google will crawl all the websites related to your image and produce a list of search results. Google Images also gets the main idea of your photo and lists other related images and websites.

Here are the advantages of Google reverse image search;

  • Helps you find information quickly. Reverse image search will provide more information about the image, say the person’s name, related websites, the product description, and the brand name.
  • A reverse image search will help you detect plagiarism by bringing up similar images. You will get more information on related websites whether the images were stolen from someone’s work to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Find more related images. This is especially helpful when you have multiple projects revolving around the same topic, and you need related images to go along with those blocks of texts.

Enough talk! Let us get down to how to search on Google using images or photos.

Search on Google using Images, Photos, or Graphics

You already know that you can search on Google using images as keywords. There are two main methods of doing this;

Method 1: Use Google Image Search

1. On your desktop computer or laptop, open the Google Chrome web browser.

2. Place the cursor over the search address box and key in Note that you will need a Chrome mobile browser already installed on your smartphone. Tap on Chrome, and once open, proceed to the settings toggle. Scroll down the list of options and tap on the Desktop Site. Your mobile display will transform from the usual mobile-friendly display to the desktop site.

Note that you may need to scroll down if your screen is too small. You may also need a smartphone with an efficient processor to support this application.

3. You will see a camera icon which you should click on to start searching images on google.

The search engine will give you two options here;

  • Search with image link. You will need the photo URL for this option, which you will paste on the search address bar and hit enter.
  • Uploading option. This option feels like the “real” search by image. Here, you upload the image directly on the given pop-up window and click search to proceed.

4. Click on your image search query, and Google will redirect you to the results page. This page displays all the answers to your image search through the image you were searching for. Additionally, the page will display other related photos and graphics matching your image in relevance, colors, and patterns.

Method 2: Use the Reserve Image Search Software

Breathe a sigh of relief if you own a smartphone because the Reverse Image Search application was made for mobile device users. You can search any image you want without accessing the Google desktop site.

1. Proceed to the Google Play Store and Apple Store on your Android and iOS devices. Search for the Reverse Image Search app and tap download to begin the installation process.

2. Once the download process is complete, the app will automatically install on your phone. Grant all the requested permissions to proceed and ensure that the app is operating smoothly.

3. Tap on the application, and once open, press the “Add Image” option.

4. You should see a pop-up window prompting you to pick a photo that you want to use as the subject of your image search or the search query.

 5. Once you pick the picture, the app will search and list down related images and websites, just like the Google Image search.

Using Videos as a Search Query

Searching on Google using videos sounds fun but isn’t as straightforward as you think or as many wouldn’t want it to be. Google currently has no features or facilities that allow the users to feed a video on the search address bar and search on the internet. However, there is a smart way to work around the huddle using images drawn from the video.

1. Allow the video you wanted to use as a search query play.

2. Take a screenshot or a snapshot of any part of the video using a Snipping Tool or Snip and Sketch on Windows.

3. After getting the video frame photo, save it in a new folder on your device.

4. Open any google based web browser (Chrome, Opera, Safari ) on your PC or desktop.

5. Type on the search box and right-click the camera icon.

Your computer will give you the Search by image title under which you can search using the image URL or directly upload the image. You can also copy the image you want to search for and directly paste it on the search bar.

7. Clicking enter will command the search engine to crawl the web and automatically redirect you to the results page, containing a list of related images and graphics. From the list of related websites, you can pick them one by one and look at whether the video you were searching for emanates from one of the websites.

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