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How To Remove ssbkgdupdate.exe
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How To Remove ssbkgdupdate.exe 

Perhaps you have at some point encountered the ssbkgdupdate.exe file on your pc, then you may want to know if the file is essential or not. The ssbkgdupdate.exe file starts at Windows startup. This file is not important for Windows so removing it won’t harm your Windows system in any way.

Like all files with the .exe extension, the file is often the culprit for a number of issues on your machine. Many Windows users have reported seeing performance issues on their computers because of ssbkgdupdate.exe.

For this and other reasons, you may want to remove the file from your computer.  The good news is that you can do this easily and safely. Here we show you how to remove ssbkgdupdate.exe.

What is ssbkgdupdate.EXE?

SSBkgdupdate is a program that checks for updates for software, downloads them, and installs them. These updates are for PaperPort Software (software that manages documents) or the Scansoft Omnipage (an Optical Character Recognition software).

The program launches at the same time as the time you log on to Windows. It’s one of those programs that run in the background of the Windows OS. This file is found in the subfolder of C:\Program FilecauseShared\SSBkgdUpdate\Shared\SSBkgdUpdate\.

Is SSBkgdupdate.exe safe?

Since Nuance Communications, the publisher of ssbkgdupdate.exe is a legitimate company, the ssbkgdupdate.exe program can be considered safe and can be trusted. However, in some cases, ssbkgdupdate.exe can take a lot of memory space on your machine, among other problems.

More so some viruses and malware camouflage themselves as the ssbkgdupdate.exe file. It’s important therefore to check if the file is legitimate or not.

To determine whether the ssbkgdupdate.exe file is a virus or not check its location. To do this right-click on the file and go to the Open file location.

The file location should be

C:\Program Files \Common Files \Scansoft Shared\SSBkgdUpdate\

if it’s legit.

If the file seems suspicious you can also run an antivirus scan to detect antimalware.

Issues concerning SSBkgdupdate.exe

Some Windows users stated that ssbkgdupdate.exe may cause some performance issues on your pc. The main problem concerning ssbkgdupdate.exe is that it starts upon Windows startup. This happens even when it’s not necessary which can be a nuisance. According to users, Windows startup speed is slowed down when ssbkgdupdate.exe starts upon Windows boot up.

The other issue is that of resource consumption. Many users have stated that this file takes up much memory space and consumes the resources of the Central Processing Unit. This results in poor performance on your PC.

The other problem concerning ssbkgdupdate.exe is that it can be a form of malware since some malware can disguise themselves as the file. Such malware can execute malicious programs that can issue like data corruption and system failure.

To prevent issues concerning the ssbkgdupdate.exe file you should make sure your computer is tidy. Also, avoid installing suspicious software. If the ssbkgdupdate.exe file is causing you issues you need not worry. You can kill the process, disable it or remove it completely from your PC. We look at how you can do that below, so read on.

How to remove sskgdupdate.exe from startup using Asmwsoft PC Optimizer

Seeing the ssbkgdupdate.exe popping up every time you log on to Windows can be annoying. To remove the process from startup download and install Asmwsoft PC Optimizer.

In the main window of the Asmwsoft PC Optimizer select Startup manager. Next in the list of processes displayed in the startup window find the ssbkgdupdate.exe file. Right-click on it and select delete selected item to permanently remove the process.

Perhaps you would rather disable the process than delete it, the choice is all yours. To disable the process using the Asmwsoft PC Optimizer select disable selected item instead ofthe delete option.

How to disable sskgdupdate.exe using task manager

If you don’t want the sskgdupdate.exe to run in Windows background or cause performance you can disable it. Disabling the process won’t cause any problems to your system. Also, the process is simple and you can do it without any technical expertise.

You can use task manager to kill the ssbkgfupdate.exe process. First right-click on your taskbar then navigate to task manager. Now go to the startup tab and find the ssbkgdupdate.exe. Once you find the file disable it.

How to stop ssbkgdupdate.exe process using Asmwsoft PC Optimizer tool

You can use the Asmwsoft Pc Optimizer tool to stop ssbkgdupdate.exe. To do this first launch Asmwsoft Pc Optimizer app and go and select the process manager found in its main window. After selecting the process manager, all running processes will be displayed. Now navigate to ssbkgdupdate.exe and right-click on it. Now add the file to the block list and you’re done disabling it.

How to uninstall ssbkgdupdate.exe by removing ScanSoft Omnipage or Paperport

If you no longer want ssbkgdupdate on your computer you can remove it easily and safely. To remove the file uninstall the Scansoft program or Paper port.

To begin the uninstallation process hit the Windows + R keys. In the text field type appwiz.cpl. After doing this click OK. This action will open programs and features on your PC. Now locate Scansoft Omnipage or PaperPort. Click uninstall to remove the program from your PC. When the uninstallation is completed, restart your machine.

Use antivirus software if the ssbkgdupdate.exe file is suspicious.

In some cases, ssbkgdupdate.exe can be a form of malware pretending to be legitimate. In this case, it can do more harm than good to your computer’s system.  If you suspect malicious files of ssbkgdupdate.exe on your machine is malware the wise thing to do is to run an antivirus scan.

If the file is a virus, antivirus software will detect and get rid of the malicious software. All you have to do is download the antivirus software program, install it, do the antivirus scan and the virus will be gone.

We recommend you to use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to detect and get rid of the malware. This anti-malware software is effective as it detects and gets rid of sleeping adware, Trojans, keyloggers, and other malware.

In short

The ssbkgdupdate.exe file often comes with several issues. These issues include resource consumption. For this and other problems, you may want to get rid of the file. By following the steps mentioned earlier you can remove the file without any hassle.

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