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What Is nvcontainer.exe?
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What Is nvcontainer.exe? 

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What Is nvcontainer.exe
Is Nvcontainer exe a virus?
How To Remove or Uninstall nvcontainer.exe
How do I stop Nvcontainer EXE?
Do I need Nvidia container?
What happens if I disable Nvidia?

Nvcontainer.exe is a file from the process Nividia container. The Nividia Container Process is from the NVIDIA container Software. Like other files with the .exe extension  the nvcontainer.exe file is an executable file.

Often times this file takes much memory space and consumes both GPU and CPU resources. Some forms of malware camouflages themselves as nvcontainer.exe. In this article we shed light on nvcontainer.exe.

Is nvcontainer.exe a virus?

To see if the nvcontainer.exe file is  a form of malware or a legitimate file you should check its file location on your PC. Its proper file location together with danger rating is File Location/Rating:Program Files NVIDIACorporationNvContainer.

To check the file location launch task manager. Now navigate to the columns side and click there. Next add another column there. Name the column Verified Signer. After that check what the Verified Signer value for the nvcontainer.exe process says. The file may be a virus if the Verified Signer value says Unable to verify.

Nvidia High CPU usage

One of the most common issues concerning nvcontainer.exe is high CPU usage. Often times this is caused by a driver update. Perhaps you installed the latest Nvidia driver, then this may be the cause of Nvidia high CPU consumption.

The GeoForce Experience app is another culprit for high CPU usage together with Nvidia Telemetry Container. Below we discuss how to fix Nvidia high CPU usage.

How to fix NVIDIA Container High CPU usage issue

High CPU usage can be frustrating as it slows down processes and cause poor performance. The good news is that you can fix the issue by following some pretty simple steps. The methods you can use to fix the issue include uninstalling latest nvidia driver, uninstalling the GeoForce Experience app and disabling Nvidia Task Scheduler and Telemetry Container.

Uninstall latest version of the Nvidia driver and install older version

Nvidia’s latest driver is the often times the  culprit for high CPU usage. To fix the issue, uninstall the latest driver you installed on your PC and install an older version  of the Nvidia driver.

To install the Nvidia driver go to Windows start menu and right click on it. Now select Device Manager and on the open window, expand Display adapters. Navigate to Nvidia graphics driver then choose Uninstall device. You will be prompted to uninstall the drivers, kindly follow the prompts.

To install an older version of Nvidia driver fist go to the Nvidia official  page and download the drivers. After the download is complete, install the driver.

Uninstall the GeoForce Experience

Although Nvidia GeoForce app is petty useful as it helps in game settings optimization, often times it can cause Nvidia Container high CPU usage. If you are facing high CPU usage you may want to remove the app from your computer.

To do this go to Start, then Settings. Now select Apps and a list of apps will be displayed.  Now find Nvidia GeoForce Experience app and click on it. Click on uninstall to get rid of the app.

Disable Nvidia Task Scheduler and Telemetry Container

Since Nvidia Telemetry Container also causes high CPU usage, you may want to consider disabling it to fix the issue. To do this click start, then settings. Next navigate to Control Panel and click on it to open it. In the top right corner of the open window ensure you select Large icons. Next choose Administrative tools.

A list of tools will be displayed. From that list, locate Task Scheduler and click on it. Now look for tasks that begin with NvTm and right click on each and every one of them. For each task you right-click on, select disable.

After scheduled tasks are disabled, now stop Nvidia Telemetery Container Services. To do this, click on the search bar and type Run. Click on Run to open it. In the open window of the Run app, type “services.msc” and click okay. Go to the services app and find Nvidia Telemetery Container. Right click on it and select Properties. Next click on Stop right under Service status.

Now go to Startup type and under it select Disabled. Finally click apply, then OK.

How to remove or uninstall nvcontainer.exe?

If nvcontainet.exe is causing you problems you may need to uninstall it from your PC. To do this uninstall Nvidia container software or run the uninstaller program. Below we show you how to do this, so read on.

Uninstall NVIDIA container software

If nvcontainer.exe is consuming a lot of memory space on your PC or causing other problems you may want to get rid of it. To do this uninstall NVIDIA container software.

First go to Settings then select Add or Remove Programs. In the search bar type NVIDIA container and hit search. Now click on the software and select Uninstall a Program to get rid of the program. The nvcontainer.exe file will be removed along with the NVIDIA container program.

Run the uninstaller program

The other method you can use to remove the nvcontainer.exe file is to run its uninstaller file. You find the uninstaller in the location like C: Program Files >NVIDIA>NVIDIA Container >NVIDIA Container>nvcontainer.exe_uninstall. exe.

When the uninstallation is complete it’s important to check if there are remnants of the NVIDIA container software.To check this first reboot your computer, then launch Windows Explorer Check if the folder with the name of the nvcontainer.exe under C:\ProgramFiles is there.

Check for remnants of the file by opening Regedit first.  Now find  “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE” >  “Software” for the software in question, in this case NVIDIA Container.

Note: You need to be a computer expert to delete contents of the Windows Registry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop nvcontainer EXE?

To stop nvcontainer EXE you should uninstall NVIDIA container software program. This program is the one associated with the nvcontainer.exe process so if it’s uninstalled so will the nvcontainer.exe file. The other option of stopping nvcontainer.exe is to use an antivirus software to get rid of the virus.

Do I need Nvidia Container? 

Yes Nvidia Container is necessary. It’s responsible for storing NVidia process and other several tasks. It is necessary and promotes the smooth running of other processes and tasks.

What happens if I disable Nvidia?

If Nvidia is causing issues like high CPU usage you may want to consider disabling its scheduled tasks and services. This can solve PC performance issues. The process of disabling Nvidia is safe and won’t harm your computer if done correctly.


The nvcontainer.exe is pretty popular among Windows users. Although the file has many uses that are essential some users have reported facing a number of nvcontainer.exe issues. The good thing is that  the issues can be fixed easily by following the methods mentioned above. Good luck!

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