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How Microsoft Teams can improve the way your employees work and collaborate
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How Microsoft Teams can improve the way your employees work and collaborate 

In the modern workplace today, it can be more challenging to stay focused with all the distractions of evolving technology. But, thankfully, the advancements in technology have brought us many great collaboration and communication platforms to help us work better – from wherever we are.

 Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform that offers so many advanced features which work to increase productivity and collaboration in your workplace and workforce. In this article, we will outline exactly how Microsoft Teams can improve your employees’ work and collaboration.

Microsoft Teams telephony for collaboration

Microsoft Teams telephony is the new way of collaboration on Microsoft Teams. A Microsoft Teams phone system connects your telecommunications services to Microsoft Teams. Ultimately, by connecting Teams to a feature-rich resilient SIP platform, your business can easily transform Teams into a powerful and flexible phone system to improve the way your employees work and collaborate.

All your documents in one location

Microsoft Team’s incredible chat feature allows you to share files, media, and attachments with other employees, as well as set reminders and organise meetings. Being able to share files and documents in one place with your colleagues boosts collaboration massively since you can receive vital information and resources from other co-workers almost instantly which saves you a considerable amount of time and effort. You can even pin documents in the chat for quick access to save you an abundance of time and have easy access to them. Your business can profit from this solution while communicating and exchanging documents with your remote working teams and employees.

Highly effective communication

It’s common knowledge that numerous business projects require collaboration between several teams and departments, for example, the design team may need to collaborate with the marketing team. Well, one of the most desirable elements of Microsoft Teams is threaded discussions, which allow users to participate in group or private communication chats via several channels and ongoing conversations. Channels keep communication on-topic and accessible, securing them so that only employees who are relevant to the conversation can view them, reducing unwanted distractions for other employees.

Video calling for collaboration

Joining a video call with Microsoft Teams is as simple as clicking a button, making it one of the best and most convenient video calling solutions available. As soon as the call has begun, you can use the chat portal to share files and documents that you would like to discuss, eliminating the need to switch between platforms. This feature thrives on efficiency and satisfies all of your collaboration demands.

Eliminate distractions

Because remote workers are unable to collaborate in person, they must rely on digital technologies for the majority of their communication. Employees can use Teams to handle notifications and pop-ups that would otherwise divert their attention away from a project or meeting.

Better meetings that prioritise collaboration

For companies with both in-person and remote workers, Teams can help make all meetings more productive and collaborative. Teams allows users to incorporate multiple communication and collaboration tools into a meeting, providing attendees with multiple ways to engage and get involved – this includes chat and screen sharing functions.

So, there you have it – just a few ways that Microsoft Teams can revolutionize collaboration and communication in the workplace.

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