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MacBook vs Windows: Which is the Best Laptop for You?
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MacBook vs Windows: Which is the Best Laptop for You? 

Deciding which laptop is best for you can be an overwhelming experience. After all, laptops can be expensive, so you want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth and know which will suit your habits well. Thankfully, there are numerous helpful guides out there that can help you decide which laptop is best for you, and retailers will also list pros and cons for each piece of tech that they sell so that their customers can make a better decision when it comes to making their purchase.

Are you on the hunt for a new laptop? If so, are you unable to make a decision purely because of the amount of choice out there? Or confused to consider, which laptop is best for you? This handy guide is here to help so that you can make the right decision and have all the correct information presented to you.

Read on so that you can decide whether you should invest in a MacBook or Windows laptop.


A MacBook has a variety of pros and cons, much like anything. But if you are already an Apple user and have an iPhone or iPad, then a MacBook could be right for you. This is because Apple is great when it comes to streamlining their devices so that users can easily download, upload, or even message from various devices, no matter where they are.

What are the pros of using a MacBook, though?


  1. Apple has a very reliable operating system that many people will deem the best out there. Their operating system, named MacOS, has a reputation for being fast and user-friendly. This is useful but also a great selling point as people like their laptops to perform extremely fast and free from long loading times. Of course, if you are new to Apple products, and especially a MacBook, you will need to prepare yourself for encountering a learning curve as you try to learn the different ways of using the MackBook. For instance, the number of fingers you use to swipe on your touch pad will determine what your MacBook does. Here is a useful guide on trackpad gestures.
  2. There are numerous helpful guides out there to help you work out how to get the most out of your MacBook. This can make it easier to understand, plus if you ever encounter an issue, you can always turn to such reliable guides for help. For instance, are you having issues with allowing pop ups on your MacBook? If so, Setapp (a reliable source) has a guide on ‘How Do I Allow Pop Ups on My Mac’. By heading to a website like Setapp, you can easily and quickly become a MacBook pro that knows the ins and outs of MacOS.  
  3. Are you a creative? Do you enjoy listening to music, making music, editing photos, and editing videos? If so, MacBooks come preloaded with great software that allows you to unlock your creative nature so that you can become or continue being a notable videographer, for instance. You can also easily upgrade to a premium package of such tools, making MacBooks the go-to for creatives.
  4. MacBooks look exceptionally pretty, with Apple putting a lot of time and energy in ensuring that the look and design of their products is sleek and appealing. When you buy a MacBook, you will be getting a laptop with a sleek, metal finish. And their design really does make it look like their products are set to last – which proves to be true, with many people ranking MacBooks as being one of the most reliable laptops out there.


  1. Apple products are pricey, with their steep price tags being one common reason why people do not buy their products. Unless you find a deal, the standard MacBook will set you back a fair bit, so before you buy a MacBook, you need to be sure that the financial investment is worth it and that you are financially sound for it.
  2. You will need to adapt and use Apple’s version of Word and Excel (which can prove problematic if you are a Windows user but also work with clients who typically use Windows). Furthermore, you will find that Pages and TextEdit lack features when it comes to Windows software, which can be frustrating for some.


Windows laptops continue to be a strong and firm favorite when it comes to laptops. They usually dominate the market because they are easy to use, have a variety of brands available, and a more attainable price tag than Apple products such as the MacBook. Plus, Windows Office is user friendly and extremely useful.


  1. Windows has an exceptionally user-friendly layout when it comes to its interface. Its intuitive design makes it very easy for you to navigate. All you have to do is hit the ‘Start’ button and then find or type in the software you are looking for. Their folders and file systems are also very easy to understand, too.
  2. You will have access to Word, Excel, and other useful Microsoft products such as Teams. This is beneficial as many business and companies will use these programs. Plus, the features are very handy and can offer a lot of variety.
  3. The pricing of Windows laptops is a huge benefit as you can get a model for a few hundred and then scale upwards if you are able to. The pricing system of Windows laptops is usually very wallet friendly and make a lot of sense.


  1. The security of a Windows laptop can be a lot riskier as Windows users are targeted more frequently. However, that being said, you can counter this threat by ensuring that you have the right virus defense systems in place.
  2. There are many Windows updates, which can cause a lot of disruption to your day. Sometimes Windows updates can take a few hours, causing you to lose time (and money if you are relying on your laptop for work).

There is no wrong or right answer when it comes to which laptop is best for you. Make sure you study which has the functions that suit your needs to most. Then, once you are sure, you can make an educated decision.

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