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Loudtronix MP3 Review-Free YouTube Converter & Music Download for Android
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Loudtronix MP3 Review-Free YouTube Converter & Music Download for Android 

If you are looking for a good tool to help you download mp3 music at no cost, Loudtronix Free MP3 Download might be the best choice. Loudtronix Free MP3 Download is among the popular tools among music enthusiasts, possibly because it allows the download of music tracks at no cost. Music is among the things that bring people from all over the world together, including those speaking different languages. 

YouTube provides a wide range of music videos and it has stood as the leading streaming website for many years now. Unfortunately, it does not allow conversion of music from video to MP3 or even their downloading. That is the reason you need tools like Loudtronix Free MP3 Download. The client-end transcoding tool came into being between 2008 and 2009 and in addition to analysing and downloading MP4 videos after you have entered the YouTube link in its search bar, it converts the music videos to MP3 tracks for download. This review will help you understand the tool in a better way. 

Features Loudtronix

  • Simple workflow: due to many reasons, LoudTronix changed the suffix of its domain name from original to, but it is the same LoudTronix free music downloader.
  • LoudTronix converts all the supported music videos to MP3 with the help of your device’s CPU. The site only streams the unmodified duplicate of videos from your source directly on the program.
  • Conversion of videos over 15 minutes requires more effort to change over and download.
  • When using it you gain admittance to the free highlights such as data labels in the document and setting collection of workmanship.
  • Changing over on desktop computers is faster than changing over on your smartphone
  • The changing over process takes longer when using 3G/4 versatile information association than it would take when WiFi networks.
  • 100 precent free to download MP3 tracks – no costs or subscription.
  • Download music tracks from any streaming website on the internet
  • Unlimited download of music tracks
  • Search feature to allow faster download of music
  • Supports many languages to allow usage by many people
  • The MP3 music downloads are of great quality

Downloading music from LoudTronix

You can use LoudTronix to download as many music tracks as you would want at no cost. Unlike many other music download sites, LoudTronix MP3 allows you to search for the songs you need without leaving the site. Moreover, you can access it from any place and download music from streaming websites such as SoundCloud and YouTube. Even more, it offers a powerful YouTube to MP3 converter. Here is how to use it when downloading music tracks. 

Method 1: Download the music manually

LoudTronix is not a music-streaming website, meaning that it does not host any music files or songs on its server. It is more like a music search engine allowing users to search for free music from streaming websites such as Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube. The manual download process is effortless. Actually, you can download a large number of tracks from most streaming sites within a few minutes. 

To download tracks with LoudTronix  MP3 YouTube manually, open your website browser and go directly to After that, enter the full or short name of the music tracks you would want to download in the search bar. Click the search button and click on it on the list. Alternatively, search for the song on the streaming site such as YouTube or SoundCloud and copy the URL link. Paste it into the search bar of LoudTronix.  Search for “Download MP3” button and click on it. If you need to download in video format, you will have to choose your desired format. 

Wait for a few seconds for the LoudTronix Converter Tool to download the track. Once the download process ends, choose the music quality – LOW, STANDARD and HIGH. Choose the quality and allow LoudTronix to prepare the resources, start the download and change video to MP3. The download time will highly depend on the size of the file and its quality. When downloading the large files, choose the low-quality option to minimize the download time. 

Method 2: Download LoudTronix MP3 using Aimersoft iMusic

Whenever the manual download method fails, try Aimersoft iMusic – a third-party download. Aimersoft iMusic is among the best downloaders and music managers on the internet. It allows you to download, to record and even manage your music files. You can use it to download tracks from over 3000 music websites including Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Facebook, DailyMotion and Vimeo. And unlike other platforms that download one-by-one track, it allows downloading of a whole playlist. 

To use Aimersoft iMusic to download LoudTronix MP3, install the Aimersoft iMusic on your desktop computer and run it. Tap on “Get Music” button situated on the home interface. You will find two options on the homepage to help you download the music track. Click on the “DOWNLOAD” icon to get music from websites like Spotify or YouTube.

You can start by searching for your favourite music tack on YouTube and then copy the URL. Open iMusic and paste the full URL in the search box. Select the music format and quality. Click on “Download” button. Wait for the tool to download music tracks so that they can appear in your library.

Method 3: Download LoudTronix MP3 with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Did you know that you could download free MP3 tracks from LoudTronix with the help of screen recording tools? Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is among the best screen capturing tools in the market today and it allows music recording on desktop computers. Apart from downloading music tracks, you can record radio, online music or even MP3 audios at no cost. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder also supports ACC, WMA, M4A file formats. When streaming on YouTube, you can save MP4, WMV, MOV and AVI videos for playback. 

To download LoudTronix MP3 files with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder, click on “Audio Recorder”, turn on the System Audio, and remember to turn off the Micro Audio. Click on the “Settings” button to open your audio settings. Choose the storage destination in addition to the audio output format such as AAC, WMA, MP3 and M4A. 

At this point, you can open Spotify, YouTube, or any other music website and search for your favourite music tracks that you would want to download. Open the Screen Recorder and choose “REC”, click “Play” on the Spotify or YouTube page for the music video to start playing. When the audio recording is over, pre-listen the track to know whether it is what you needed. Save it on your computer. 


Now, you have the information you need to start downloading MP3 and video files on LoudTronix. But if LoudTronix fails to provide you with the results you need, you can try any of the two alternatives. At times, the downloaded MP3 track might fail to play. Take it easy and use an audio converter to solve the problem. Fucosoft Video Converter is among the tools to try.

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