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KissCartoon Review: Is KissCartoon Safe & Legal for Watching?

KissCartoon Review: Is KissCartoon Safe & Legal for Watching? 

Most people rarely use Kiss Cartoon website. That is because they do not know what it provides. Even more, most of the users forget about it after they have used it for the first time and missed what they expected. Again, Kiss Cartoon is usually down because of high traffic. Some people will also report that the website is very slow. Unlike many sites that devote a lot of resources and money to stay up, the pirate site gets bogged down by an increase of traffic. Similar sites are known to pack up and start using another address when companies or artists sue them for copyright infringement.

Kiss Cartoon is among the most popular websites for watching animated shows. The website is professional and user-friendly, but it is not legit. After you open the homepage to search for your favourite animated shows, you will find many popups and the site is likely to infect your computer with malware. Even more, you are unlikely to find any cartoon video on the page.

The website developers have been changing the site URL, with several variations in the suffix and domain. Some reviews will tell you that the Kiss Cartoon is safe and it offers thousands of videos for you to download. In 2017, Torrent Freak reported that Ted Osius, USA ambassador to Vietnam requested officials to bring down the pirated videos. He also mentioned Kiss Cartoon as a site that hosted pirated content. The other sites included in the list were 123Movies and Putlocker. Sites offering similar content include Anime Haven, Kim Cartoon, Kiss Anime and Anime Heaven.

More about the site

KissCartoon website is free to access and browse. The developers have arranged it in a way that users can access their favourite movies or cartoon shows faster. You do not need any special device to stream the content. You can stream through your smartphone or personal computer in HD. The site belongs to Kiss Anime Network, a global company that registers its website on servers situated in countries that do not observe copyright laws. Originally, they hosted their websites in Vietnam alone.

Today, Kiss Anime Network runs many other websites that provide pirated content. They have devoted some of the websites to manage US comics, manga and Korean TV shows. The sites came into being around one decade ago. Within the time the sites have been in existence, millions of people have relied on them to access videos free of charge. Most of the sites existing today are just fraudulent clones.

Is kiss Cartoon Safe?

KissCartoon is unsafe. Most users complain about viruses and malware infecting their computers and devices. So, before visiting the website or streaming any content, you will have to install an effective antivirus program. Kiss Anime Network makes money through advertisements and they are therefore willing to display any ads including the infected ones. You will encounter endless redirects and popups, which the site stores on your browser using JavaScript files. Hackers shoot the files with viruses and other forms of malware.

The ads are not controlled through trusted ads networks like Google, which means that they are more likely to be infected. There are claims that Kiss Cartoon and the viruses people download through the ads helped hackers use the computers of their visitors to mine cryptocurrencies. Each time someone uses your computer to mine cryptocoins, the network will slow down and it might be hard to complete the simple tasks. The cryptocurrency miners and the viruses might not be connected to the KissCartoon site, but the website has not taken any preventive measures. So, unless you have strong antiviruses and ad blockers, the website is not a good choice.

Is Kiss Cartoon Legal?

As we stated above, Kiss-Cartoon is illegal. They only provide pirated cartoon movies and anime. All the sites that Kiss Anime Network operates have no rights to share any of the content they host. For that reason, the sites are forced to close business depending on the location of the servers. Actually, Kiss Cartoon is among the websites that have been shut down numerous times. But each time the site is closed, they are usually very fast to open a clone version on another server. That has kept Kiss Cartoon live for many years.

Unfortunately, people have developed many fraudulent KissCartoon websites that increase the risk of viruses as clone versions of Kiss Cartoon. The websites are clones of the original website and no one knows the people behind them. The fake websites use similar domain names and domain suffixes. Instead of, you will find,, and many other sites managed by clone operators.

Is Kisscartoon down?

Each time the Kisscartoon website is down, you will have to consider the available alternatives. The internet offers many legal alternatives to the KissCartoon website. Most of the alternative websites are not only safe but they are also inexpensive. They include:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hulu
  • Crunchyroll
  • Nickelodeon
  • Crackle
  • Comedy Central
  • Cartoon Network

To access the options, you might need to pay for a TV package offering the channel or subscribe to access the content through the websites. A quick example, if you rely on satellite, cable or the cable-option packages, you can opt for a subscription that covers Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.

Alternatively, you can download one of the apps that allow live streaming of TV shows or sign up for content on the official website. What’s more, the safe sites will come with many helpful features like the ability to show where you left and they allow you to resume. You can also opt for the local libraries because they have a large collection of movies in the form of DVD and Blue Rays.

Should you use KissCartoon?

Kiss Cartoon hosts pirated content. Use of pirated content is unlawful, including streaming. That is why people will always ask whether it is safe to use KissCartoon. Even though you are unlikely to face criminal charges for accessing the content, you will be running a high risk of downloading viruses into your computer. Instead of using the site, go for legal streaming websites and apps.

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