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Some of The Best JustDubs Alternative to Watch Anime Online
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Some of The Best JustDubs Alternative to Watch Anime Online 

If you have been using JustDubs for a long time, you already know that it provides a large media library. The large library and the high quality subbed and dubbed anime videos it provides have made it a popular choice for most anime lovers. But at times, you will miss what you needed from the site. When that happens, you will start searching for the best available alternatives.

Unfortunately, the searching process can be time-consuming considering that most anime websites do not provide what they promise and others might infect your computer with viruses and malware. Fortunately, we have come up with a good list of anime sites that you should try as Just Dubs alternatives. They all offer many helpful features and options for the best watching experience.

Here is the list of JustDubs Alternative

1. KissAnime

One of the anime sites that are favorites of many people is the KissAnime site. Just like JustDubs, KissAnime offers both dubbed and subbed anime. Its large library offers a wide range of content, so if you miss something on JustDubs you are likely to find it easily on the site. In addition to the anime, the website provides many additional features to allow better viewing. You will find images, music and books meant for the hardcore fans. The great interface offers great user experience. Due to the good arrangement of content, your browsing will be easier.

2. YouTube

Perhaps, you have never searched for anime on YouTube. The best news is that the site offers them as well. YouTube is a very big video platform that is also free to use. You can watch as many videos as you want free of charge. And to help you preserve your favourite content, the site allows the upload of videos. To access the offered anime, you do not have to sign in. You will find your favourite content right on the homepage. The great user interface allows easier navigation, which makes the site more helpful. If you do not have a desktop computer, you can use the iOS or Android app to stream your favourite anime.

3. Anime Streams

The great user interface and the beautiful website design are some of the things that make Anime Streams a good alternative to Just Dubs. Developers offer a good graphical user interface to allow faster finding of anime and to help people discover new beneficial content as they browse the pages. In fact, easier navigation provides a great experience to users. You will realize that most of the videos are in high definition format. So, you will be watching beautiful high-quality videos all the time.

4. Anime Heaven

If your goal is to watch all or most of the most recent anime episodes, Anime Heaven is a good option. Unlike what you expect on JustDubs, all the anime are labelled as either dub or sub to show whether they are purely Japanese or people dub versions containing subtitles. If you already know the type of anime you require, you will have an easier time when looking for them.

The many ads that load on the site automatically will degrade your experience. To watch the anime without disruptions, you will require an effective adblocker. Lastly, you will have to choose between the eight categories of content including Schedule, Random, Anime, Ongoing, Popular, Dubbed Anime, Series and Movies, to help you choose and watch your desired anime free of charge.

5. Anime Land

The Anime Land site is another perfect alternative to the JustDubs site. After opening it, you will realize that it is free to use and it offers anime videos in UHD quality. In other words, the videos are in the highest quality possible. Most of the people who use Anime Land choose it due to its wide collection of anime series and movies. However, it provides dubbed anime alone. Moreover, the user-interface is not good, meaning that you might not enjoy your watching sessions. If you are not worried about the user interface, Anime Land is a perfect choice.

6. KuroAni

This list would not be complete without mentioning something about KuroAni. The developers of this anime site offer both subbed and dubbed anime for the users. And to help you know what you are dealing with, they mark all the anime videos with dub or sub icons. The content does not limit you to anime series and videos. You will also find your popular cartoon shows to watch at any time.

The black background along with the grey font helps the users access the content easily. As you expect on most free anime sites, KuroAni is full of ads that will disrupt your anime access. If you need a smooth watching, you will have to invest in effective ads blocker. After installing it on your desktop computer, you will benefit from the wide content. 

7. GoGo Anime

GoGo Anime will never miss in the category of most popular sites in most people’s list. The key reason is that it provides a large number of apt dubs in high definition quality. To access the offered videos, you do not have to subscribe or sign up. You just need to open the website and search for what you know. GoGo Anime is a good alternative to JustDubs because all the videos are in high definition. Even though you can watch only what you know, you will get updates on new releases.

8. Netflix

For people who want to watch new video releases, YouTube and Netflix are the best alternatives. Netflix is a streaming site that allows users to access exclusive videos and series. Unlike what you expect on most anime sites, the videos available on the website are not available on the free websites. To start watching the anime, you will have to create an account and pay the monthly subscription fee, which is justifiable considering that the content is exclusive and there are no ads on the site to disrupt. The developers provide mobile apps for iOS and Android devices so that the users can watch movies, anime, TV shows and series while on the go.

9. CrunchyRoll

The smooth navigation on CrunchyRoll allows faster and easier finding of anime videos and series while the download button allows users to save all their favourite videos on their computer for later watching. In addition to offering more than 25,000 video episodes, the site allows users to choose the video quality when downloading. If you do not have the space to hold videos, you will benefit from the inbuilt video player.

10. WatchDub

WatchDub is another great alternative to JustDubs because it provides subbed anime to the users too. The search engine on the homepage of this site allows users to find the anime they need easily. Even more, as you search for your favourite content, you will end up discovering more anime to watch. And because all the anime posted on the website are of great quality, you will enjoy your watching sessions. After opening the site, you can use the inbuilt video player to stream videos. Such a feature is unlikely on most other anime sites that offer the URL of the videos solely and force the visitors to use VLC for streaming. Streaming with VLC can be frustrating, especially if you do not know how to do it properly.

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Some of The Best JustDubs Alternative to Watch Anime Online

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