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ImgChilli Alternatives and Similar Apps for Image Sharing and Downloading
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ImgChilli Alternatives and Similar Apps for Image Sharing and Downloading 

Lovers of images will always capture any striking structure that is shareable. They will want to capture the image and share it easily regardless of the device that they are using. Today, macOS, Linux, Windows, and other operating systems support capturing, editing and sharing of images on the social media platforms. imgChilli allows faster upload of images for sharing with others. And because the platform allows the creation of folders to help differentiate images category-wise, the process of sharing images is effortless. 

The top privacy function is another impressive feature on the platform. The function makes the website more secure for people who love sharing images. But what will happen when imgChilli fails the next time you try to share images? Most likely, you will look for the best available imgChilli alternatives.

Here are some of the top imgChili alternatives to try today.


Just as you expect with imgChilli, Imgur hosts user images and offers many editing features at no cost. Apart from the free features, users can opt for the pro version of this platform to access many more features. As a user, you should only upload the light images, because the site limits image size to 1MB. If any of your images is above that limit, the platform will compress it automatically to allow better access. That might affect quality.


PhotoFunia is the second platform on this list of imgChili alternatives. The platform provides many features and tools in addition to hosting your images and videos. Unlike many other image sharing websites, PhotoFunia takes the privacy of users seriously. You will have many amazing templates to help you edit your photos. Use them to add images on your magazines, photo frames, book pages, mugs and other items. Most users recommend PhotoFunia as a great alternative to imgChilli.


UltraIMG is another great choice for people searching for the best imgChilli alternatives. The platform provides many new features and tools. And apart from hosting your images in JPG, GIF and PNG format, it allows you to share them with friends at no cost. On the downside, the website limits the size of each image to 10MB. You will realize that 10MB is a good size for images and it might not be a drawback to you. Currently, UltrraIMG might be the best imgChilli alternative on the internet.


If you need a great image-editing tool, which you can also use to share your images, Pixlr is one of the available options to try. Pixlr provides many options such as organizing photos, editing and sharing with friends – more like imgChilli. You can try one of the two offered versions, which are Pixlr Express and Pixlr Editor. Pixlr Editor is close to many other photo editors on the internet because it helps you adjust the layers and colours of your images. When it comes to Pixlr Express, you will be able to add borders, effects and styles to your images.


ImageShack allows you to host your images or share them with your family and friends – more like imgChilli. Unlike many other image-sharing tools on the internet, ImageShack allows you to upload a whole album and share it with other people. But before sharing them, you choose to edit them while still on the platform.


This is another popular photo hosting and sharing website and a great imgChilli alternative. If you do not like any of your photos, you can alter it to look the best after you have uploaded it on the platform. In other words, Photobucket allows you to upload photos, edit them and add impacts. After their appearance improves, you can share them with your friends and relatives or post them on social media platforms.


Similar to imgChilli, Smilebox provides users with many editing tools to help them edit their cards and photos. The image-sharing platform provides users with card making and photo editing facilities. After signing up, you can start sharing your striking images with your friends and relatives at no cost. Moreover, you can make greeting cards for any event and share them with your family and friends.


Apart from its similarity to imgChilli, 500px is an online photo-selling platform, meaning that you have a chance of making money from your photos. Most users describe its interface as user-friendly and you might like it too. Each category and section on the website has a unique user interface to allow easier selling and buying of images. Share your photos and images at no cost. But before you start using the platform, you need to create a personal album.


Users describe Shutterfly as an excellent website for image sharers. Its features are similar to those of imgChilli and it provides an interface and experience expected on many other platforms. Users of Shutterfly can organize and customize their images without having to leave the platform. Moreover, you can create your greeting cards and share them with the help of the advanced tools on the platform. Shutterfly might be the best imgChilli alternative.


The features and tools SmugMug offers might be all you need to start your image sharing and editing. Apart from hosting images, the platform allows the users to host their videos at no cost. The administrators take security and protection of users seriously and it is one of their priorities. Actually, SmugMug ranks among the safest image sharing platforms when it comes to hosting and sharing of images and videos. You will love the user-friendly interface and the unlimited storage space for images and videos.


ImgChili is a great choice when it comes to sharing and editing of images. However, nothing should stop when it stops working. As you might have realized, the internet offers many imgChilli alternatives and most of them have many helpful editing and image sharing features. Most people will also want similar features for videos. Choose one of them depending on what you need.

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