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How To Take A Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop
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How To Take A Screenshot On Lenovo Laptop 

Are you stranded while taking a screen capture on your Lenovo ThinkPad, Yoga, or IdealPad? Taking a screen capture may not be accessible on a Lenovo laptop because it works differently according to the windows you are using and the hardware device.  

How to take a screenshot on Lenovo laptop? Press the Power and Volume Up buttons to capture the contents of your screen. If you have the Microsoft Surface 3 touch screen, toggle the Windows Logo and Volume down buttons simultaneously. The Lenovo laptop dims down as it takes a screenshot of the items showing on your screen.

Let’s delve straight into the simple procedures on how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop.

Take a ScreenShot Using The Print Screen Button

Most Lenovo laptops have a button on the keyboard known as the Print screen. It is sometimes inscribed as Print SC, prt sc, or Print Screen. This is a straight key that will require you to tap once to get a screen capture. You can access your screenshot by navigating through your laptop’s file explorer. Click on PC and then Pictures. Locate the Screenshot folder to view your captured screen. If you can’t locate the Print Screen button, your Lenovo laptop doesn’t have the feature. We have several other ways to take your favourite screenshots.

Screenshot with Alt + Print Screen Keys

Combining these two keys will allow you to take a screen capture if your device is a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. Your laptop’s Print Screen will be inscribed as Prtsc; toggle the Alt and PrtSc simultaneously to capture an active ThinkPad screen.  When you open the Paint feature, you will be able to paste the picture by pressing Ctrl + V. Ctrl + S saves the screenshot automatically on the hard drive.

Using An Inbuilt Screenshot Tool

This method is possible if you are using the Windows operating system for your Lenovo laptop.  Here is a facile way to do it;

  • On your Lenovo laptop Windows search bar, type Snip and Sketch. That will open for you the inbuilt application. 
  • Take a screen capture by clocking the Take screenshot toggle at the screen’s top left.
  •  When the screenshot is complete, you will be taken to a window asking where to save your capture. You can save on the desktop, documents, or anywhere else you desire. 
  • Alternatively, after opening the Snip and Sketch tool, open and click New Button. You will be able to take a capture of your entire screen or the desired area. You do that by clicking on the spot. Drag it using your mouse. You will have captured your screen and saved it to your desired location.

Screenshot Lenovo Using Volume Up + Power 

The power and volume up on windows 10 is a great way to take your screen captures. It is easy as it utilizes Microsoft surface devices.  Toggle Power Button + Volume Up switch. Your Lenovo laptop screen will growl dim. No worries, as this is the screenshotting process.  Access your shots at the Pictures > Screenshots folder.

A point to note when using volume up and power combination is that if you take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop with Microsoft Surface 3 touch screens or earlier, you will have to toggle the Windows Logo and Volume Down Button combination.

Take a screenshot of the whole screen by Third-party App

There are many screenshot apps in the market today. If the inbuilt tools do not perform effectively, you can download and use third-party ones for a fast and precise screenshot. Unlike the inbuilt tools, they have more features like powerful editors, image search, sharing options. Some of the best screen capturing apps include;


With Greenshot, you can take a screenshot on your Lenovo, customize it, and capture a scrolling web page. The app allows you to edit your screenshots.  


Snagit is fast and customizable. You can take a full-screen picture of your laptop. Though pricey, the feature allows you to create GIF animations. It is an easy-to-use app, and it comes with straight-off directions.


The app comes as a free package and is designed for sharing screenshots on social platforms. You will also be able to edit your screenshot and remove any unwanted parts on your Lenovo laptop too. When you download it, the app disables the Print Screen inbuilt tool. The Lightshot screenshotting app is well compatible with Mac, OperaMini, Chrome, Firefox, and IE. 

 Game Bar

You can use the game bar to capture your screen within Windows 10 apps and games. It works well for video recording your screen too. The simple step to screenshot using a Game Bar is to tap Windows Key simultaneously with G (Windows+G).

  • Sometimes, the Game Bar can have troubleshooting. Enable it before taping the keys. To do that;
  • Search Game bar settings
  • On the menu, press Record game clips and screenshots using Game Bar.  ar.”
  • Click on the camera to capture a full-screen capture if you desire to record a video clip’s record button. There is an option to click the microphone to add audio by clicking the microphone icon.

When using Game Bar to capture your screen and video clips, your Lenovo will save the pictures in PNG format. Navigate to the capture folder to get your shots or go to the Game bar using the search option. While you are there, While you are there,  tap on Show all captures. You will see all the screen captures.

Most of the processes we discussed above are helpful if you have Windows 10. What if your device is not using Windows operating system? You do not have to get stuck. This method will bail you out fast.  

  •  Press down the print screen key on your Lenovo laptop. That will copy the image of your screen on its clipboard. 
  •  Go to the Paint feature and open the image using the Paste function in the program.
  •  If you desire, you can use a variety of features in the Paint customize screenshot picture.  Now, save your capture by clicking on your file and saving it in the appropriate location.

Any Questions About How to Take a Screenshot on Lenovo Laptop?

Taking a screen capture on your Lenovo laptop shouldn’t be a daunting process. Whether you are using Lenovo IdeaPad, ThinkPad, ThinkBook, or Lenovo Legion, the procedure should fall in either of the six methods expounded for you.

Any questions about capturing your screen on your Lenovo laptop? Let’s know in the comment section below. Do you know any other way to take a screenshot? Share with ys as well!

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