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How to Log out of Netflix on Roku TV?
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How to Log out of Netflix on Roku TV? 

There are many reasons why you would want to log out of such a fantastic streaming service. For example, you want to switch to a new account, you are probably tired of watching Netflix, or you don’t want to continue watching movies and TV shows on a shared device. It may also be that you had a Roku device that you sold without logging out of the Netflix account, or you just want to terminate the account. Whatever the reason, continue reading this guide to learn how to log out of Netflix on Roku.

Netflix and Roku

Roku and Netflix have had a long history together since the start of Roku back in 2008. When Netflix decided not to build its own player, it incorporated Roku, a new company, to do the work in February of the same year. In May of the same year, Roku rebranded and released its first device, the Roku DVP N1000, as an independent device for streaming Netflix shows in what was known as the Watch Now service.

Today, Netflix is available on multiple devices, and subscribers can stream endless movies, short films, documentaries, and TV shows on the Roku devices. Here are some of the Netflix features you can find on Roku.


Netflix gives you a smooth user experience across all devices with easy navigation features. You can use your remote control to browse various categories of movies, TV shows, and other forms of content, including a customized row commonly labeled as My List. You can choose anything, including dramas, comedies, and many different categories, based on your preferences and what you have watched previously.


Most Roku devices can stream your favorite Netflix shows right inside your sitting room. If you have a stable, active, and reliable internet connection, you can stream your favorite content in the highest resolution that your Roku device can support.

Netflix also allows the users to set parental controls in their Roku devices to shield the children from explicit content by setting individual profiles.

Subtitles & alternate audio

The last feature that you will enjoy from Netflix on Roku is the subtitles and alternate audio. Many streaming devices allow you to select multiple captions and subtitles so that you can enjoy your watching experience, and Netflix is no different. Watching Netflix on Roku allows you to enable subtitles, close captions, and alternate audio up to 5.1 surround sound.

How to Sign Out of Netflix on Roku TV

Despite all those positive features, you may have reasons to log out of Netflix on Roku probably to log into a new Roku device. If you have been trying to sign out to no avail, the following steps will help you across all devices, including Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 4,3 Roku TV, Express, Streaming Stick, XD, LT, and XS.

Steps to Sign out of Netflix on Roku 1

In 2014, Roku released this third-generation streaming player to enable the users to stream high-definition (HD) movies and other content from home. The player is no longer in the market, but if you own one of the original versions, the following steps should help you log out of the device;

1. Power on the Roku device and press a button labeled home on the provided TV remote control.

2. Navigate the home screen till you see the settings option.

3. Under the settings options, use your remote to select Netflix Settings.

4. Press the deactivate this player. The device will give you an option to confirm your action.

5. Press Yes to complete the process.

How to Logout of Netflix on Roku 2, XD, LT, and XS

This second-generation was launched in 2011 and is not available on the market anymore. If yours is still working, the following steps should help you sign out of the device;

1. Power on the Roku device. On your remote control, press Home.

2. Proceed to the Netflix app. On your remote, click that Star (*) button.

3. Look for the Remove channel button and press on it. The device will open another page prompting you to confirm your decision to deactivate your Netflix account on the device.

4. Confirm your action using the Remove channel option, and your account will be deactivated immediately. You will no longer see the channel icon on the home screen.

This method of logging out of the Netflix account on Roku may also work for other devices. The Netflix channel will still be available on the Roku Channel Store, and you can reinstall it whenever you feel like it by logging in with a new account.

Sign Out of Netflix on Roku 3, 4, Roku TV, Express, and Streaming Stick

Although a bit technical, logging out of Netflix on Roku, 3, 4, Express, Roku TV, and Streaming Stick should be easy if you correctly follow the steps stipulated below.

1. Switch on your Roku and look for the Netflix channel. Select your profile.

2. You should open the menu on the left side of your screen when the main Netflix screen appears.

3. Open Settings and select Sign Out.

4. Select Yes when the device prompts you to confirm your action. You are now signed out of the Netflix channel on your Roku device.

All other Roku models

The following steps should help you to sign out of Netflix on all Roku devices not mentioned above.

1. Navigate to the Netflix Home screen on your Roku. You will see other listed options: Search, Home, Play Something, New and Popular, TV Shows, Movies, and My List.

2. Use the navigation button to move down the screen and press the option labeled Get Help. It should be the second item from the bottom of the menu. The button may be missing in some devices, so don’t worry if you don’t see it. Press the Up button on your remote till you get to Settings which is a gear icon. Press Ok.

3. You can also use the following steps to navigate to the Settings button; Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.

4. Select Sign out, Reset, Deactivate and Start Over.

5. Confirm that you want to Log out of Netflix on Roku and finish the process.

How to Sign out of Netflix on Roku Remotely

So far, you have learned how to log out of a Roku device or TV that you can physically access. What if you have restricted access to the device, are far away from it, or you sold the device without logging out? Don’t worry because the following steps will help you to log out of the account remotely wherever you are. The first option is signing out of the Netflix account. The next option is signing out of the Roku Account.

Using the Netflix Account

Follow the following steps carefully if you are signed in to your Netflix account on someone’s device or if you don’t own the TV.

Navigate to the Sign Out of All Devices option in your Netflix account and confirm that you want to Sign Out of the device. This should do the trick. However, there is no way you can log out of one account and still leave the other in operation. The action will log you out of Netflix and Roku accounts at once.

Using Roku Account

This step only applies if you own the Roku device because it is much more extreme than the previous step. If you initially signed in to Netflix on your Roku account, but you cannot sign out of the Netflix account only, you will have to log out of the Roku, which means that you will log out of not just Netflix but everything else that you signed into using the Roku.

The only way to totally log out of the account is by disconnecting the Roku account from the device, similar to a factory reset. Unlinking the two will erase all your identity in the Roku, all the downloaded apps will also be deleted, and everything you had customized inside the streaming device. Anyone who attempts to use the streaming service will be forced to sign in afresh into their Roku accounts and consequently sign in again into their own Netflix account.

On your PC, desktop computer, or any other device you can use to access the web browser, proceed to sign in to the Roku account. From the list of linked devices in your Netflix account, press the Unlink button located close to the Roku. That should log you out of the device entirely.

What Signing Out of Netflix Means

Many users make a mistake by logging out of the Netflix account and assuming that the action solves all the issues related to Netflix. Logging off or Signing out or whatever other term you prefer to use here means that you have disconnected the app and the account—just that.

Signing out of Netflix on Roku will not affect other account status, say subscription. Even if you delete your profile, switch off the TV, remove the Roku account or delete both, your Netflix subscription status will still remain the same.

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