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How to Fix YouTube Server Connection Error [400] on Android?
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How to Fix YouTube Server Connection Error [400] on Android? 

It feels annoying when you’re watching your favorite Youtuber only to be interrupted in the middle of the program by Error [400]. Since Google acquired YouTube back in 2006, the platform has significantly improved but is not yet perfect. Error [400] means that your Android device has no cellular network connection or uses outdated software or corrupted cached data. Read on to find out how to solve YouTube server connection errors on Android.

Ways To Fix YouTube Server Connection Error [400] on Android

Seventy percent of YouTube users connect to the platform using mobile devices. Different issues will cause users to experience the Connection to Server Lost error, meaning that the solution will depend on what caused the error. Here are possible Error [400] causes and fixes.

Step 1: Reboot Phone

Before we go to the complicated fixes, let’s try something simple. Rebooting your phone can solve in-app issues that were causing the system to think that connection with the server is lost, especially if the issues have nothing to do with the device performance. Long press the power button on your android phone, and you’ll see two options. Press the Reboot option, and the device will switch off and restart automatically. If by any chance, your device lacks the reboot option, you can just switch it off manually and then restart it after some seconds.

If that didn’t work, proceed to step two.

Step 2: Check Device Time and Date

With the advancement in technology, apps have evolved to verify device integrity by looking at the time and date of the device. If they don’t match with the YouTube server’s date and time, the app will show the Error [400]. If rebooting your android phone didn’t resolve the issue, your device probably shows an incorrect date and time.

Check the time difference between your device and the server. It shouldn’t be advanced or late by more than 24hours. To resolve the error, set the device time to be identical to that of the server. Better still, you can turn on the Set Automatically option in the Date and Time settings so that the device will automatically set time whenever you switch in on.

Step 3: Disable or Uninstall Ad-Blocker App

Ads are annoying, and most Android users install Ad-Blocker apps to filter them out. However, they may be the cause of the “connection to server lost” error. You could try getting rid of them if steps 1 and 2 didn’t fix the issue.

 Google offers YouTube in two options. You pay a certain amount under the premium plan so that YouTube will not run ads and interrupt your viewing experience. Most desktop and android users prefer the free version, but the advertisements are too many and too disrupting, which makes most of them install Ad-Blockers to filter them out.

However, the Ad-Blockers interfere with the smooth operation of the YouTube app, and the result is the Error [400]. Tap on the settings button on your android device and scroll down to the ad blockers in the drop-down menu. Click on Properties and tap on Disable. Better still, you can uninstall the app so that it doesn’t cause future problems.

Step 4: Using multiple Google accounts

Sometimes, Error [400] is caused by signing into many Google accounts with your device, and the only way to solve the problem is to log out of most of them. Ensure that you’re only signed in to your personal account.

You can resolve the Connection to Server lost Error by signing out of the Google accounts and leaving your personal account running. Go to the device settings on your android phone and select Google Accounts from the given options. Sometimes, it’s just labeled Google in the general settings of the device. Once there, log out of different accounts to ensure only your personal account is left in use.

Step 5: Reboot Data Connections

Remember that poor and unstable cellular network connection is the most common cause of Error [400] in android phones devices. But first, you have to verify that poor data connection is causing the problem before coming up with a solution. To troubleshoot slow internet connection, open any google based browser, enter a query in the search box, and hit Enter. You’ll know that you are experiencing poor internet connection when the search engine takes more than two seconds to display the search results.

To solve slow and Unstable Network Connection problem, troubleshoot your wireless routers or move to a place with a better telecom signal. If you have access to a local WiFi router, you can reboot it by switching it off and letting it rest for 10 seconds. Plug back the power cable, switch it on, and it will initialize for 15-30 seconds. Connect your phone to the WiFi hotspot and see whether the problem has been resolved.

 You can also move to a location with a better carrier signal if you use your phone’s data connection to access the internet. You can move to high grounds or somewhere else close to the mobile network signal booster. If the two options are not viable, you can consider acquiring a mobile network signal booster for use at home.

Step 6: Clear YouTube App Cached data

The server connection error problem may be coming from the accumulation of cache and mobile data if you haven’t cleared them in a while. You can clear them by tapping on Settings, Apps &Notifications and See all apps. Press the YouTube button followed by Storage & Cache. Tap on Clear Storage and Clear Cache and confirm your action.

These steps will return the YouTube app to its original state. Note that the steps will be different depending on your device.

Step 7: Troubleshoot the App itself

If none of the seven methods resolved the issue, the problem might be coming from YouTube servers or the YouTube app. You can verify this by watching the video from a different Android device. If the video still shows Error [400], the YouTube servers have some problems and will be right back after maintenance.

You can also try uninstalling the app and installing an updated version from Google Play Store. That should solve the server connection error.

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