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How To Fix Kodi Error
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How To Fix Kodi Error 

When using Kodi, you are likely to come across messages from the Kodi server requesting you to pair it up with your other devices to authorize streaming. The,, are among the high end hosting websites that allow streaming of unlimited TV shows, movies, sports and other types of media. All the sites are illegal and they need to remain paired with your IP address to prevent crashing. When paired to your IP address, the servers can filter and limit web services in addition to preventing leakage of their bandwidth. The pairing also allows them to remain monetized. Whenever the, or appears, know that they need to pair up with your devices IP address for more secure streaming. 

What is

The, and are the leading Kodi streaming servers and they allow unlimited streaming. However, they all require you to pair them with your IP address as a way of offering successful streaming. Indulging in the activity might result in you leaving your streaming foot impression behind therefore landing in trouble. 

 So, when searching for the safest add-ons to use for your Kodi, the three should not be in your list. But if you are happy with the other features of Kodi and you would want to use any of the three for streaming, you can rely on PN services such as IPVanish that masks the IP address and blocks the server from accessing your real location. 

Generally, most servers can only handle a limited number of users when it comes to streaming. After the server limit hits the mark, it does not support any new users. But to enhance their feature, you will need other add-ons that can enable the server to break down its boundaries and you can only do that with the help of your stream authorization. Whenever you see the request for stream authorization, you can go to the website and activate the streaming with your IP address. After streaming activation is complete, you can stream for roughly four hours and after that, it will stop. 

Solving the error

Your first step when fixing errors should be to understand the origin of the error. The only occurs when your stream is unauthorized. Next, you should know about the authorization. Stream authorization is more like captcha solving. Because most TV shows and movies are hosted on remote servers, you need a software tool to access them and stream.

Kodi is among the streaming services that stream their content with the help of add-ons. When streaming a recently released movie, many other people will be doing the same. Bots and scrappers will try to access the content too. To prevent unexpected shutdowns of the server due to high traffic, Kodi follows stream authorization. 

Fixing stream authorization error on all versions

Open your website browser and search for the URL in your website browser search bar. Your IP address will appear in the opened window. Click on the Activate Streaming option to continue with the error fixing procedure. After the pairing of your Kodi Add-ons and your IP address is successful, you will receive the notifications with the assistance of notification message. The message will inform you that the systems have whitelisted your IP address for 4 hours. Now, you can go back to Kodi Exodus and begin the streaming of your favourite movies. 

Fixing the on Kodi Krypton

To fix the streaming authorization error on your Kodi Krypton, start by launching your website browser and searching for URL in the search bar. Your IP address will appear in the new tab. Now, click on Activate Streaming button to solve the problem. After the pairing is successful, you will get a notification message informing you that the whitelisting of your IP address for 4 hours is complete. You can launch Kodi Exodus and start your unlimited streaming. 

The alternate method of fixing Kodi and the other errors

If you have been trying the above procedures to get rid of the errors but none of them is successful, you can still fix the errors with the help of add-ons. Go to the Add-ons option and then to Video Add-ons. Right-click on the Exodus Add-ons option and continue to the settings option. A new tab will open at this stage. Go to the Playback option and complete the Host Captchas. You can turn them OFF or ON depending on your needs and click on OK to end the process.

Fixing error on your web browser

Start by pairing your IP address with the, or If you have been using a VPN, you will need to allow it. With an effective VPN, you can stream with safe encryption. To complete the pairing, open your internet browser and remember to use HTML5 supporting apps such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. 

On the URL bar, write or connection. Choose “I’m not a robot” on the Captcha cabinet and click on the “Activate Streaming” option. After clicking on Activate Streaming, the pairing of your IP address and and sites will be active for 4 hours. You will enjoy smooth streaming at that time.

Configure your URL Resolver

You can configure your URL Resolver to solve the and error. The technique works faster but it is comparable to the other methods. On your Kodi app, move to System Settings. Change the Standard Mode to Expert Mode and choose Dependencies management option on the Add-on menu. Choose the ResolveURL from the provided list of choices. On the ResolveURL tab, you will find the Configure option. Pick one Resolver from the provided list and press alternative Enable. 


Like any other error, the error is very annoying. Kodi-add designers rely on Python codes and scripts to screen videos from the hosting servers. The most essential are and The websites will be asking you to pair your streaming device due to the number of customers streaming and streaming demands. That means you will have to connect your IP address to the and databases. The collapse of systems happens due to a large number of user requests. The effects are embarrassing, regardless of the mistake origin. You can imagine your favourite series of freezing. Fortunately, the above solutions will be helpful.

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