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How To Connect Samsung Earbuds To A Laptop
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How To Connect Samsung Earbuds To A Laptop 

When you acquired your latest Samsung device, you also bought the Samsung Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Pro, or Galaxy Buds Live to go with it. The dazzling white color and the odd bean shape of these devices can be pretty irresistible! Pairing Galaxy Buds with Samsung devices is super easy because you just need to open the casing, and a pop-up message will appear on your screen requesting to pair. That is settled. However, the process is not so smooth with other non-Samsung devices, and some aren’t compatible at all. How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Laptop? Continue reading below.

How to Connect Samsung Earbuds to a Laptop

In the race for true wireless headphone superiority, Samsung’s latest release, the Samsung Galaxy Buds, was intended to counter Apple’s AirPods. If you need to connect voice and music from your PC, then these are a great option.

However, users have reported trouble while pairing the earbuds with PCs, with some claiming that the PC cannot even recognize the Bluetooth headphones. It is worth mentioning that these wireless headphones were made for Samsung devices only. Although they can work with non-Samsung devices, not all of them will support their cutting-edge technology. Ensure that the two are compatible, or better still, update the Windows operating system before you begin the pairing process.

Connect Galaxy Buds To PC On Windows 10

Begin with putting the earbuds back in the charging case. Next, deactivate Bluetooth in every device around except the intended PC. You may be forced to completely power off some devices that don’t allow you to switch Bluetooth alone. If you don’t, the buds will automatically pair with previously paired devices and will therefore be unavailable for pairing with your PC. It may feel strange, but that’s how Bluetooth works.

Keep the galaxy buds case shut during the whole connecting process.

1. On your windows 10 laptop, bring down the cursor to the search box usually labeled ‘Type here to search.’ The search box is usually located on the right side of the Start button and on the left of other icons currently running in the background.

2. Your device will give you a list of options. Pick the first option titled ‘Bluetooth and other devices settings.’ Click the button located on the right side of your mouse, which should usher you to the ‘Bluetooth and other devices’ page containing the settings.

3. Pop open the Galaxy earbuds case to let the radio waves flow freely, putting the earpieces in an automatic pairing mode. Ensure that every device that you had previously paired with the earbuds is off before proceeding.

4. Hit the ‘Add Bluetooth or other devices’ button to give your PC permission to pair with any present Bluetooth device, which is Samsung Galaxy earbuds in our case. Your computer will automatically start a scan for all the working devices and give you a list. Scroll down to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro option and click on the toggle to kick off the pairing process.

5. The pairing process should take no more than a few seconds, depending on the processing speed of your PC. If the two are compatible, they will complete the pairing process and give you a ‘Your device is ready to pair’ notification. This acknowledgment means that the Galaxy earbuds can now start sharing music and voices with the PC.

How To Connect Samsung Earbuds To Laptop: macOS

First, let’s learn some fun facts about macOS before diving into connecting Samsung Earbuds to a macOS laptop.  The term refers to computers operating on Macintosh OS developed and sold by Apple from 2001. It is the system behind your favorite Apple Mac computer and ranks second after windows in the laptop, desktop, and home computers categories in the US.

The original Macintosh operating system or Mac OS had nine releases from 1984 to 1999 before being succeeded by macOS. Here are some fun facts. The operating system commonly featured the Roman number X to mean ten, for example, Mac OS X or iPhone X. The brand also featured names of locations in California as well as cat species. The operating system was named macOS in 2016 to resemble other operating systems from the giant tech company Apple.

Did you know that any laptop running on macOS operating system work similarly? Find your way to the Bluetooth menu, and you are ready to pair the Samsung Galaxy earbuds using the following process:

1. Begin by opening the casing and putting the Samsung Galaxy earbuds into pairing mode. Don’t worry if you had paired them with another device. Put on the earpieces as you normally do when listening to music. Simultaneously long press both touchpads for a few seconds until the earbuds produce several beeps signaling that they are now ready to pair.

 2. On your macOS laptop, navigate to the ‘System Preferences’ section. It should show the double triangle Bluetooth icon.

3. Because you put the earbuds into the pairing mode in the previous step, they will appear last in the list of phones and devices usually located under a narrow gray strip.

4. Place the cursor on the Connect button beside the Samsung buds to initiate the process. Once paired, the two will always connect by default, provided that their power is on.

Connect the Galaxy Buds to an iPhone

Disconnect the Galaxy Buds from all the previously connected devices before you begin the pairing process. Don’t bother with unpairing them because disconnecting Bluetooth is enough. You can easily do this by switching off the previously connected devices.

1. Pop the earbuds charging case open, consequently sending them into pairing mode. Sorry if you were waiting for a visual signal, say light. You will not get any!

2. Turn your attention to the iPhone device and tap the Settings button.

3. Select Bluetooth followed by ‘Add device’ to set the automatic scanning. Galaxy Buds should appear in the list of available devices. Once you tap on it, you are now ready to enjoy your favorite music and voices.

4. Here is a simplified process for easier understanding- Settings > Bluetooth > Other Devices on your iPhone

You can find a Samsung Galaxy Buds application in App Store to help you connect to the Galaxy Buds Live or Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Once installed, select the name of your earbud inside the app, and you are ready to roll.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to Chromebook

Let’s first define what a Chromebook is if you aren’t sure of the meaning or are seeing the name for the first time. Chromebooks are any tablets or PCs running on Chrome OS operating system, which is based on Linux. People have used Chromebooks to do multiple designated tests in Chrome browser by Google. The latest Chromebooks, especially those produced in 2017 and 2018, can run Android apps and also Linux apps with all the installed apps launching together.

One of the Chromebook’s strongest qualities is running applications offline. It will synchronize Google Drive, Gmail, Google Keep, and Google Calendar whenever you switch on data then make the content available once you go offline. For the fun lovers, Chromebooks feature Google Play videos which you can access using the Google Play Movies and TV extension for Chrome.

Samsung Galaxy Buds are true wireless audio devices like other wireless ear devices out there; therefore, their pairing them is similar to pairing most generic wireless earbuds with your phone. Follow the following process;

1. Open the Samsung Galaxy Buds case to switch the buds to pairing mode.

2. Look for a clock on your Chromebook screen, usually located in the right lower corner.

3. Tap the clock followed by Settings, and then the Settings cog will appear on the menu.

4. Click Bluetooth, and a list of Bluetooth settings will appear.

5. Galaxy Buds Pro should appear in the Unpaired devices list. Click on it.

6. The earbuds will connect after a few seconds and will continue to connect by default every time you open the charging case. All sounds will stream in through the earbuds because they work like other wireless earpieces, only that they got an effective noise cancellation system.

Pay attention to the following;

  • Some Chromebooks support Bluetooth while others don’t. Samsung Galaxy earbuds use Bluetooth to pair; therefore, ensure that your Chromebook has Bluetooth capabilities. Ensure that your Chromebook has the relevant technology before purchasing the earbuds.
  • Samsung Buds were made for Samsung devices and not Chromebooks. Their primary software will not run on all devices unless you install third-party apps. You can install Galaxy Buds Plugin in Google Play Store, although the Chromebook may decline to open the app.
  • Samsung Buds will perform similarly with other wireless headphones, only that you will miss the ability to personally configure the buds say to alter the earbud’s primary functions using taps. But you can play or pause, decrease or increase volume, and other primary functions. Samsung produced the Galaxy Wear application to help with the function above, but there isn’t a Chromebook-friendly version.

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