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Gears TV Review | How to Install Gears TV Service

Gears TV Review | How to Install Gears TV Service 

Subscription to Gears TV gives you the chance to access numerous Firestick premium channels for maximum entertainment. With a subscription, you will have around 300 channels to try. Many people consider Gears TV a reliable IPTV app with unlimited bandwidth. It provides a true TV experience without depending on a cable TV subscription. Gears TV relies on high-powered Firestick servers to offer great experience each second. 

Gears TV is a top-rated IPTV app that allows streaming of various types of content. It is among the cord-cutters designed to help people stream videos offered by different TV channels. GearsTV is accessible on Firestick because it works properly with dedicated servers. It provides buffer-free streaming in HD quality. You can use it to stream programs like NBA, PPV and NFL. 

The key features of Gears TV

  • Gears TV is an IPTV service that allows streaming of sports and TV programs without a need for traditional cable TV services.
  • It is a good way to stream the pay-per-view content and sports content in clear quality on Firestick. You can stream TV content in 1080p and HD quality.
  • It is the best IPTV provider with many 10-gigabit servers. Users never experience buffering because the Gears TV assures quality streams each second.
  • There is no need for dealing with contracts because Gears TV app allows users to cancel whenever a need arises. Stream the pay-per-view events from your pay-per-view section without incurring any additional charges.
  • Gears TV offers channels for sports enthusiasts. You will find NBA League Pass, NFL Sunday Ticket, Center Ice, NHL, MLB Extra Innings and NFL RedZone.
  • It offers unlimited bandwidth support. That means you will not experience any throttling issues when loading videos on Firestick.

Currently, Gears TV is a global leader when it comes to the Paid Premium IPTV Live Streaming in HD and 1080P. It guarantees 95 percent non-buffer in addition to super clear playback when streaming sports and television content. It is tested and proven to exceed most people’s expectations when it comes to reliability.

If your goal is to stream at the lowest cost possible, the Gears TV platform might be a great alternative to the dish or cable TV that requires a monthly subscription. After pairing Gears TV Subscription with your Fully Interactive TV Guide, you will get real Cable TV Experience.

How To Install Gears TV on Firestick

Gears TV is not available on the Amazon App Store, meaning that you have to use the Downloader app to sideload it. Alternatively, you can use Kodi to install it as an add-on. Here are methods to use during the installation. 

Installation with streaming apps

Start By downloading a Firestick-supported app and use it to install third-party APKs on your Amazon device. Open Settings on Firestick and move to My Fire TV/Device. Choose the Developer option to enable ADB Debugging and Apps from the Unknown Sources. Move to Firestick home screen and tap on the Search tab. Enter “Downloader” as the name of the app and click the search button. 

From your search results, click on the Downloader app for the downloading process to complete. Open it after the download is complete. Move to the Home tab and enter and click on Go. Click on the Next button for the Gear TV downloading process to complete. Click the Install button for the installation of Gear TV to start on your Firestick.  

After the installation is complete, click Open. Click Done to open the Gears TV app on your Firestick and click Delete to remove the Gear TV APK file from your device. Choose Accept after app opens. You can now login to your Gears TV to start content streaming.

Installation using Kodi

Gears TV comes as an Add-on, meaning that you can access IPTV app if you have Kodi installed on your Firestick. To complete the installation, open Kodi, proceed to Settings and choose System Setting. Now, click on Add-ons and turn on the Unknown Sources option. Click when a pop up prompts you. 

Go to Kodi home screen and choose File Manager. Click on Add Source to choose “None”. Type in and type in the name of Gears TV app. Move to the home page of Kodi app and choose Add-ons option. Click on the box icon situated on the upper left. Click on Install from Zip File and click on the Gears TV. 

Click on the repository.GearsTV zip file and then on install from Repository on the popup message. Choose Gear TV to complete the installation. Click on Gear TV on Add-ons to open Firestick. Remember to click on Packages and Clear Cache. 

Buying Gears TV subscription

Gears TV requires a web subscription to start the streaming process. So, you need your mobile device or computer to complete the subscription. Go to the homepage of Gears TVV and complete the security check. Click on “I’m not a robot” checkbox and then click on the “Submit” button when needed. Choose one of the IPTV plans that Gears TV provides – they range from $15.50 to $55.00.

Their entry-level plan does not support Data Backup Access or Standalone information access. Buy the second plan when possible and click on Order Now near the bottom. Create your service Username and the Password to complete the subscription. You will get your login credentials in your email. Use them to access your Gears TV account. 

Is Gears TV legal?

Gears TV is lawful but it is always good you install a VPN when streaming its content. Keep in mind that it is a streaming application that some governments may opt to restrict. So, start by checking whether its content is available in your country. 

Gears TV login free

After you have subscribed to one of their plans, you will get a full month worth of Gears TV login free trial. You can try any of the above installation methods and subscribe for a plan to benefit.  Gears TV provides high definition channels and 24/7 customer support that resolves most of the problems that arise during streaming. It supports all devices such as Roku, Firestick, Windows, Android, Mac and iPad. That means you do not need any special device to start your streaming. 


With Gears TV, you will never worry about missing events just because you have not signed up for one of the expensive season passes or because the games are outside your market. Gears TV offers dedicated sections for the major leagues such as NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL Centre Ice, Premier League, MLB Extra Innings and Champions League. You will also enjoy UFC, wrestling and boxing PPV events.

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