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Who is calling? The best services for a free phone search
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Who is calling? The best services for a free phone search 

You get a call from an unknown number, or a friend whose number you forgot to add to your contact list. Sometimes, this type of call is usually from telemarketing companies that are trying to sell their products and services to you, of which you know nothing about.

It is a normal thing to be inquisitive about knowing who these people are. Sometimes, especially when your intuition senses some sort of fraudulent activity, it is important that you can track down who the person calling with an unknown ID is. This solves it; here are our top picks for the best applications that can help you with your phone search.

1. Whoscall

Whoscall is an app developed by a Taiwanese company, with over one million downloads. According to them, up to about 200million calls pass through its filter, and in most cases, they are recognized as spam. This program has all the features that will help in blocking both and calls from the suspicious number.

This program has an interesting interface. The first thing you get to notice is the search bar that is at the top sidebar. Asides from the telephone request that can also be found there, you can also search for numbers that were previously saved or dialed. This is most useful when you have a long list of numbers.

The main functions of this program include an instant caller Id, blocking of unwanted calls and messages, possessing a database of over one billion phone numbers, ability to search a database of over a billion phone numbers, possessing an offline database, and finally, with this program, you can report numbers to create a trustworthy and reliable network communication for all its users

2. Radaris

Radaris is another excellent application that allows you to identify whoever is calling you. The application was developed by the US company and has millions of users worldwide. Radaris boasts an extensive database that increases as its users increase.

Phone search works as the US telephone directory, with data of phone numbers ranging from personal users to telemarketers. With their database, you can easily identify almost any caller.

Radaris also searches on the internet for all the information relating to that specific number that was called. Information like photos, reviews, and ratings.

3. Real Caller

Real Caller is another application for identifying unknown callers. As with all the caller identification applications, Real Caller also offers options like spam filters. It also allows you to block callers from your phone.

Real Caller doesn’t boast the same number of users or popularity that truecaller has, however it still returns results of searches in seconds. It also Doesn’t support ads. The downside of Real Caller is that it only has applications usable on the Android platform; it does not have an iOS version.

4. Showcaller

Showcaller is a popular application used to identify and block unknown numbers on the Android platform. It boasts of a user-friendly interface and an extensive database. Showcaller not only identifies your caller but also provides other detailed information like the photo of the caller.

It boasts a powerful database containing billions of numbers and also allows you to block unwanted subscribers and spammers. Showcaller is free to use and does not require payments to upgrade to a premium version.

5. Mr. Number

Mr. Number is a blacklisting application with improved functionalities. It allows you to block as many as all the contacts in your phone book. You can also decide how the application will block the calls: whether to reject the call or redirect to voicemail. Mr number also posts an extensive database of numbers.

The application has several features including one which allows you to scan your call history. You can then compare with their database, revealing numbers you need to block.


Several applications can help you with phone search and resolve unknown callers or spammers on your phone. Each application has its peculiarities and advantages, they also have its disadvantages. In the end, it’s all about choosing the one that best suits you.

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