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First One TV Alternative To Stream When And Where You Want!
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First One TV Alternative To Stream When And Where You Want! 

If you opened the First One TV website today, the only thing you will find is a message telling you that they are unable to provide you with the free TV services because they infringe copyright laws. The website was a darling of many people some years ago because it allowed streaming of many TV channels. That means its closure has affected thousands of people, particularly from the European countries who love watching pirated television content.

Statistics on the website show that around 500,000 individuals were using the website to access TV shows and movies from many channels each day. But because the developers opted to end their services, those people are now opting for the available First One TV alternatives. Here is the list of firstone tv alternatives to consider if you want to continue streaming news channels, movie and sports channels from all parts of the world. 


After FirstOneTV ended their services, most people moved to Freeintertv, which works in a way similar to that of the FirstOneTV. Immediately you open the site, the first thing that will hit your eyes is the long list of TV channels – over 2800 TV channels are available for you to stream. You do not have to worry about the access, because the website does not limit you on the number of hours you can stream the content. However, after clicking on some links you will realize that they are dead. You will need to check again because the Freeintertv team is always conscious. They will update any dead link to a TV channel fast.

The homepage displays the option of filtering the TV channels according to the genre and country. After you have chosen your country or any other desired country from the provided drop-down box, you will find a list of channels from that particular country. To stream the content, you just need to click once. There is no need of installing a third-party tool or web browser plugin to start running the service. That means Freeintertv is accessible on any device the has an inbuilt web browser.

Speaking of the user interface, this site is not known for any modern appearance. In other words, the site lacks the design features. The developers adopted a very old template that is not mobile-friendly. Even more, most countries have blacklisted the site, which means that it can be hard to access the content in such countries without an effective VPN service. 

Mobdro Mobile App

The Mobdro Mobile App has been a favourite of many people who love streaming TV shows, movies and news on their smartphone devices. The Mobdro Mobile App is not legally approved and it is not among the official TV streaming sites. So, the admins continuously check for the changed links and update the mobile app for android devices with quality links throughout the day. That means every TV channel on the offered list will work perfectly. As we have stated, the app is only available for android devices and you cannot watch any channel on the iOS app or the website. And because of copyright problems, Mobdro Mobile App is not available for installation on the Google Play Store. You can only get it from the official Mobdro website.

The developers provide two versions of Mobdro mobile app – the Freemium and Premium version. To use the Freemium version, you will not need to register or pay money. The version does not run any advertisement. If you need some additional features like ChromeCast and capturing of videos, you will have to go for the premium version. However, it is always good you start with the Fremium version before you upgrade to the premium. Currently, Mobdrod is the best app for people who would want to stream many TV channels through their Android devices. The app is user-friendly and every link will work. Search for any channel and filter according to the genre or country.

Can I use Mobdro TV on my PC?

This is a common question. But as we have stated above, the developers designed the Mobdro for Android devices alone. However, you can still use your computer to stream. All you need to do is download a good Android emulator on the computer and install the mobile app. Emulators are available free of charge, so you will not spend any of your money in the installation part. The internet offers them in a large number and the most popular are Memuplayer, Noxplayer and Bluestacks. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Download the Nox Player emulator and run it on your computer.

Step 2: Navigate to Mobdro website and download the most recent apk file.

Step 3: Install the file on the emulator. For quick installation, drag and drop the apk file into the emulator.

Step 4: Open the app and access the Mobdro content on the computer free of charge.


If you do not like the idea of running Mobdro on your PC through an Android emulator, you can try the available Mobdro alternatives. FreeeTV is among the first fee streaming sites that most people will go for. The site is accessible in most countries and you should not expect any blocking. It offers a wide range of content such as movies, anime, and songs.

Unfortunately, after opening the website, you will find many news channels. So, as a movie and TV shows enthusiast you will have to dig deeper each time. The search tool will be helpful each time you are in a hurry. The developers included it for a good reason. Today, the FreeeTV site will not miss in the favourite website lists of most people.


If you have just opened the First One TV and realized that the content does not exist anymore, the three sites are worth trying. The internet space has been receiving many new sites but most of them are unlikely to last for many days. Website owners and real streamers have a good way of escaping the problem. Even though illegal streaming is not is recommendable, if it is legal in your country, try it. Use VPNs such as TunnelBear for safer browsing.

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