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What Can We Expect from Artificial Intelligence in the Near Future?
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What Can We Expect from Artificial Intelligence in the Near Future? 

Most of us associate the notion of artificial intelligence (AI) to well-known films and futuristic novels. However, this technology has existed for decades in some shape or form. It was not until somewhat recently that it began to emerge from the laboratories and enter into our daily lives. From voice-activated systems such as Amazon Alexa to predictive search engines, there is no doubt that AI has already had a massive impact within the digital age. However, it is also important to note that we are only beginning to scratch the surface in regards to its capabilities. What can we expect to witness in the coming years and how might these trends impact the real world?

All About an Increased Level of Automation

One of the many reasons why artificial intelligence has become useful involves the notion of automated production. As consumer demands continue to grow, technology needs to keep up with their desires. This is why automation plays a crucial role. Artificial intelligence platforms are able to expedite the production of countless goods and services. In fact, some companies have already begun to adopt such measures. On perfect example is the Adidas Speedfactory; a method which involves a high degree of automation overseen by a relatively small number of humans.

Thus, we can see that the traditional concept of an “assembly line” has indeed been taken to the next level and beyond. While there is no doubt that such advancements will have a pronounced impact upon manufacturing and production, what about the human element? How is AI set to change the playing field as we know it?

The Rise of Machine-Human Interactions

Humans have been interacting with machines ever since the wheel was invented. However, these were decidedly one-sided relationships. Artificial Intelligence is set to transform this observation. A day may come in the not-so-distant future when we are able to hold real-time conversations with an algorithm that mimics those associated with friends and family. Machine learning will enable software programs to proactively adapt based upon the preferences of the end user.

Common household tasks are likewise set to be revolutionised and this can already be seen. From self-navigating floor cleaning robots to washing machines that are capable of determining how much water is required based off of the weight of the load, we are only seeing the beginning of what is likely in store.

The big question is still whether or not artificial intelligence may one day mirror human interactions on an organic level. Although nothing is out of the question, most scientists believe that the computing power required for such a breakthrough is not nearly as feasible as some science fiction writers would like us to believe.

Still, it is a foregone conclusion that artificial intelligence is here to stay. This is why it is important to keep up to date with the latest trends in order to appreciate what may be in store. Considering how far we have come in the past two decades, the near future looks very bright indeed.

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