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List of Awesome Websites like CoolROMs
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List of Awesome Websites like CoolROMs 

CoolROMs site is a well-known platform with collections of old school games. It’s a great website that allows you to view almost all games from the past. The site provides you with emulators. An emulator is a tool that helps you create an environment you might be missing because you are using a different device. The emulators are available for use on most of the devices. Creating of emulators is an old technology that has been in existence for more than three decades now.

 The website does not pose any threat to your browser or computer. It doesn’t contain viruses.

Today there are better games with high graphics, but old games cannot be entirely done away with. Old is always gold! The tools for playing old games have been phased out. But the games are still there. The modern-day technology has aided in preserving those games. Emulators are virtual tools that resemble the actual ones. They are used to play the old games.

CoolROMs Alternatives

If you don’t want to use coolrom for the old school games, then are many sites like coolroms. This post gives a list of some of the best coolrom options.


The website has been providing classic game lovers with a large number of ROMs and emulators. All ROMs are available for download free of charge. The developers of this site work tirelessly to make sure you get the best and popular games. You can access and play any of the games on modern devices. Some of the most popular ROMs on this site include; NES, MAME, GBC, N64, SNES, etc.

Both ROMs and emulators are updated often to ensure you can access and use them on modern days Android devices.


DopeRoms website has a vast library of old games and emulators. This is free and easy to use the site. You don’t have to give up on ever going back in time and have a feel of how it was in the aspect of games. Visit this site and get everything to do with old games. You can download the games along with the emulators you would like to watch them in.

The site offers legal content. It is free of malware. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get authentic old game content on this site. You can download all kinds of old games on this website.


This is an easy to use old games’ website. Even if you are a new user, you will be able to start using the site right away. You can read the easy to follow guide about the website. As you try using the website, you will learn more about it. If you have used the site before, you already know it’s a great coolrom alternative platform. This site allows you to download games from different consoles.

RomsEmulator presents high quality games, and they are accessible for free.

The brief about the game is excellent since you can judge whether to download a game from first reading the brief.


If you are looking for a great way to spend your leisure, then you can visit this site and choose what you want to watch. There are hundreds of retro games on this site. You can download any game you want, together with an emulator.  Everything on this site is free.

The ROMNation is an excellent alternative to the coolrom website. It has similar features and provides its users with a great experience. Some say it is much better than coolrom.


Romulation is a better choice than coolrom when you are looking for a website with a vast collection of old games. This site has high quality content than you can find anywhere else. You cannot be disappointed by opening this site for past games.

Before clicking on the emulators, you can read the brief to understand whether they’re suitable for the game you want to access. This implies you don’t have to open any emulator blindly. It even offers you the emulators best suited for the game.

The game library is nicely organized such that you will always want to watch one more game. Visit the site today and enjoy a variety of games.

The old computer

If you are looking for old school games, then this a great coolrom alternative. The website gives a whole lot of old games collection. The site has hundreds of past games, which you can watch anytime. You only download an emulator from the site and start watches the game of your choice.

Everything on this site is free. If you are not convinced about how much you can get from this website, visit the site and get the firsthand experience.


Gamulator site is one of the best coolroms of alternative sites. The site provides ROMs as well as emulators. New games from the old school collections are added each day; hence, you always find something new to watch each time.

Once you open the site, you realize there ways two options to download the games; using a download manager and direct download. You get ROMs all kinds of devices, computers, smartphones, and tablets. Visit this site today, and choose the sort of games you are interested in.


Are you searching for a convenient website you can access old school games? Look no further. Emuparadise is a website of choice when it comes to downloading and playing of past games. You only need a modern gadget and a stable internet connection.

The site offers you the opportunity to choose from which server you would like to download the ROMs from. Mostly the fast servers are preferable. The site provides all ROMs and emulators for free. In most instances, you will realize you will get an elaborate classic game collection here than you would anywhere else.

CoolROM site and other sites similar to it are websites for people who like old school games. The old game lovers have something for them in the 21st century. By visiting coolrom or any of the sites like coolROMs, they can re-live their past days by playing classic games on their modern devices. The young generation of game lovers can visit these sites too, and get the thrill of how gaming was in the 90s.

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