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5 Classic Games You Can Play Online With Friends For Fun

5 Classic Games You Can Play Online With Friends For Fun 

There is no better era for modern gaming than right now. Since the coronavirus pandemic, the gaming industry has boomed, with its global revenue expected to jump 20% this year to $175bn. Gaming has allowed us to connect with other people in a brand new way, during a time when we need it the most.

But as fun and creative as these digital games are, nothing quite beats the classic games we’ve come to love over the years. They serve as a fun and simple way to keep us occupied while stuck at home. Fortunately, these games have made been rolled out on internet as well. Whether you’re a new player or a nostalgic one, here are five classic games you can play online:

Go Fish

Go Fish may have been around for centuries, but many people credit its formal invention to New York, 1984. It’s a fun card game for all ages because it’s really easy to learn. You can have a round of Go Fish between two people with seven cards to start, or three to six players with five cards each. The player who goes first can ask any other player for a specific card rank. If the player who was asked holds any of the requested cards, they have to give everything up. Otherwise, they can say “Go fish!” – this means they don’t have the cards being requested, and the player who asked must draw a card from the pile. Go Fish can be played on websites like PlayingCards, which allows you to share the room link with your friends.


Monopoly is the perfect board game if you want to pretend to be a business mogul, minus the real-world stress and consequences. The official Monopoly app, which can be purchased on the App Store or Google Play Store, allows you to invite friends to play if they also have the app. It’s almost exactly the same as the original game, except with a few more features like “Quick Mode” to ensure your game lasts no more than an hour.


Before Flappy Bird, Candy Crush, or Temple Run were even invented, everyone played Snake on their two-inch Nokia phone screens. In fact, the reason why Snake is so iconic is because it’s probably the first mobile phone game ever created. Although it’s been a long time since Nokia’s heyday, there are websites where you can still play snake if you want. The rules of the game are simple: you navigate a growing pixelated ‘snake’ that moves faster the more it eats dots on the screen, but dies if it collides into itself or crashes into the wall.


Poker is one of the most celebrated card games across the world, beginning as ‘Poque’ in 17th-century France. Poker can be enjoyed just about anywhere, through the power of the World Wide Web. Played online, the rules of poker are much the same as its offline version — whether you’re playing Texas Hold’em, Five-Card Draw, Omaha, or any other kind of poker. Although the mechanics might vary based on the type of game you’re playing, the goal is pretty much the same: making the strongest hand out of the cards you’re dealt. You can either play for play money with friends on a social poker site or try a more competitive game with other players from around the globe for real money.


Thanks to the success of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit, chess is experiencing an increase in popularity. Chess is one of the best games for mastering strategy, and there are plenty of apps to try out. Some of the free apps even include a multiplayer function so you can challenge your friends to a match!

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