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How To Cancel The HBO Max Subscription On Roku?
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How To Cancel The HBO Max Subscription On Roku? 

HBO Max or Home Box Office is a streaming service that started in the early 70s availing premium content to home viewers at a price. The service has survived over the years to become one of the finest content producers globally. It is easier to access that premium content today, thanks to the Roku device.

For $14.99 a month, you can watch your favorite TV shows, documentaries, series, and movie shows. Earlier on, they used to offer free seven days trial but stopped the promotion. What’s more, you can create several profiles on a single subscription to enhance and customize your streaming service. If you don’t have an active internet connection, you can download the videos offline and view them from anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

For one reason or the other, you may get tired of the service, and when you’re finished with HBO Max on Roku, despite its movies and shows, you can terminate your subscription from the Roku device. You can also cancel the HBO max subscription through the website, mobile, app, and any other service that you used to register. This is how to cancel HBO Max on Roku;

How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription on Roku

If you got a Roku account, you know that you can make your purchases directly from Roku, which means you can also cancel the subscription from the same device. You can end the subscription directly through the Roku website. The following steps will help you cancel your HBO max subscription;

Cancel HBO Max on Roku Device

Step 1: Switch on your Roku device and wait for it to load. Look for a button labeled Home and press it to open the device menu on your Roku remote.

Step 2: Navigate to the HBO Max app.

Navigate the channel grid using the directional pad to select the partner subscription channel, popularly known as The Roku Channel. The navigational pad is a couple of buttons on your Roku remote arranged in a plus shape.

Step 3: Choose the HBO max app followed by the star button * on the remote control.

Step 4:  The device will give you a list of options to choose from, such as My rating, Movie channel, Manage subscriptions, Check for updates, Give us feedback, and Close. Select Manage subscriptions.

Step 5: Clicking Cancel Subscription will initiate the cancellation process. The device will give you a chance to confirm that you want to end the subscription. Confirm that you want to cancel the subscription by selecting “cancel subscription” again.

Step 6: The system will give you feedback that you have canceled your HBO max subscription on Roku and indicate the date when your current subscription will end. Click Done to complete the process.

Cancel HBO Max Subscription on Roku Website

Step 1: On your PC or desktop browser, navigate to the Roku website key in the search bar and hit the Enter button to launch the Roku website.

Step 2: Click the sign-in button and enter your Roku account credentials in the provided Email and Password fields. Click the Keep me logged inbox and confirm you are not a robot. If you have forgotten your login details click on Forgot password to reset the password.

Step 3:  Proceed to the Manage account tab, which contains a drop-down menu with options such as Add a channel with a code, Manage your subscriptions, Deactivate account, View your purchase history, manage your privacy settings, and Guest Mode. Select the Manage subscription option.

Step 4: The tab will show you a list of all the available subscriptions. Choose the HBO Max subscriptions from the list.

Step 5: Click Unsubscribe button to initiate the subscription cancellation process.

Step 6: Confirm the cancellation by clicking Done.

Canceling via the HBO Max App

You have already learned how to cancel your HBO Max subscription on the Roku device and the official website. The following steps will help you do the same through the HBO Max app from your mobile phone. They are much similar to the ones outlined above.

Step 1. Launch the HBO Max app and open your profile by tapping on the Profile icon button. You will find the profile icon on the left edge of your tablet screen or the bottom edge of your Android and iPhone screen. The device will display the profile page with SWITCH PROFILES, My List, and Continue Watching options.

Step 2. Look at the top left of the profile menu for a settings button resembling a gear wheel. A drop-down menu will appear displaying, Account, Subscriptions, Parental Controls, Video Options, Notifications, Manage Device, and Help.

Step 3. Click on the Manage Subscription button, and the app will move you to your account using the web browser. Your account page should show your subscription plan, the amount paid, and the date when the subscription will expire. Hit on the Cancel Subscription button to initiate the process.

Step 4. The website will open another page asking for feedback on why you are canceling the subscription and whether you want to proceed with the canceling process.

Step 5. Tap, Yes, Cancel Subscription to finish the process.

The page contains all your billing information, means of payment, and date. Note down the last day of your billing cycle so that you can continue streaming the content even after canceling the subscription.

How to Cancel HBO Max Subscription from Official Site

There are many ways of canceling the Roku streaming services, depending on how you subscribed for the first time. Note that the procedure listed above to cancel your HBO Max subscription on Roku only works for the users who signed in for the service through the Roku device. If you initially signed up for the service via the official site, follow the steps below to cancel it.

Step1: Use your PC or desktop computer browser to reach the HBO Max site.

Step2:  On the screens top right corner, hit the Sign-in button and proceed to key in your credentials in the Emails and Password fields. Confirm that you are not a robot and continue to log into the account.

Step3: Click on your profile icon and scroll down to the Billing information.

Step4: You will be able to access the Manage Subscriptions page from the billing information button.

Step5: On the My Account page, you will find the Cancel subscription button. Click on it to initiate the subscription cancellation process.

Step 6: Select Yes, Cancel subscription to complete the HBO Max unsubscription process.

Can You Cancel Through a Provider?

So far, you have learned how to cancel your HBO Max subscription using the Roku device, Roku website, the official site, and on the Roku app. Suppose you didn’t use those channels to make your first subscription? For example, some cable TV providers and other streaming service providers like DirectTV, YouTube TV, AT&T, Apple iTunes, and Roku allow their users to access the HBO Max subscription through their services.

To cancel your HBO Max subscription through those services, you will have to sign in to the accounts. You first created and proceed to manage your subscription from there. If you have forgotten the process, kindly contact the service providers’ Help Center.

How do I cancel HBO Max on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most popular online marketing platforms where you can buy anything from a book, a baby stroller and even make an HBO Max subscription. If you enlisted for streaming services from the marketing giant, you’ll have to cancel the subscription through the platform using the following process;

1. Log into your Amazon account through the web browser.

2. Select Your apps, followed by Digital content and devices.

3. Select Manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal for the HBO Max service.

4. You can also cancel the channel subscription through Amazon Prime Video. Head to their official website through

5. Select Your Channels > Cancel Channel next to HBO Max to complete the process.

How do I cancel HBO Max on Hulu?

Hulu is an OTT video streaming platform service launched 13 years ago by The Walt Disney Company and Comcast. It is only available for United States residents. If you made your HBO Max subscription through Hulu, that means you will use the same platform to opt out of the service. Use the following procedure;

1. Open your account through

2. Select Your subscriptions followed by Manage Plan, also sometimes labeled as Manage Add-ons.

3. Shift the button located beside the HBO Max, and an X will replace the checkmark.

4. Ensure that you have canceled your subscription at least a day before the next billing season starts to avoid being charged unnecessarily.

5. Note that deleting or uninstalling the app doesn’t cancel your subscription.

If you have followed the above methods correctly, you should opt-out of the HBO Max subscription. You can opt-in again whenever you are ready.

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