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Is Bytefence Safe or Is It A Virus?
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Is Bytefence Safe or Is It A Virus? 

ByteFence refers to a computer program by Byte Technologies. It is created as a ByteFence anti-malware. It is not a virus as many people think. The program can securely be operational on PC program files once it enters your computer. But, many computer users have aired grievances about the nature in which this program invades one’s computer system without notification.

Since the program will mostly occur in your device without your knowledge, it is classified as freeware. It can enter your system as you install other tools. Examples of these tools include; downloaders, media players, etc.

Due to the nature in which it enters into your device, many security dealers categorize the program as an unwanted program. Potentially Unwanted Programs are an easy target by cybercriminals. They use the program to execute their cybercrime activities, e.g., spying efficiently.

 Many pieces of research have been contacted around the byteFence file, but none has established it as a virus. Therefore, it is not a virus as established by researchers. But, is ByteFence safe? No, it is not safe. We will see that as we give more information about it in this post. Read to the end.

How does a ByteFence Enter your PC?

The easiest way a ByteFence enters your PC is through;

  • Installation of other softwares without reading the terms and conditions.
  • Visiting some websites. This can open loopholes to have ByteFence being installed into your device. For example, accessing files shared in a networking environment or adult sites.
  • .exe files attachments shared through emails. This trick is old, and cybercriminals have been improving on it. Always avoid opening .exe files shared through emails.
  • Incorporation in other free applications. Most of the free softwares are genuine but come with other freeware bundled in them. Mostly, the bundled installers are not from unauthentic sources. By installing this software, you realize you have installed other programs you did not intend to install too.
  • Clicking on ads, you are not sure of their authenticity. These ads redirect the user to illegal sites that have profane content like porn sites.
  • Spam emails. The cybercriminals take advantage of these emails to steal data and also spread unwanted installer files. By clicking on these spam files, you risk installing insecure files unknowingly.
  • Clicking on unsafe links unknowingly. If you are not keen on what you are doing on your computer, you might end up clicking and opening files you don’t intend to open. The files might be containing .exe data that install automatically to your device.
  • Torrents. The use of torrent is risky. Some times you find the file you are downloading is a malware while it bears the name of the item you want to download.

How will you Notice ByteFence is Installed into your Device?

ByteFence effects browser settings. Every time you open your search engine, installed ByteFence will open automatically. Also, you may fail to get what you are looking for. ByteFence takes over your browsers. Even when you to try a different browser, you will still not succeed in getting what you are looking for since the browser is running in the same computer  ByteFence is installed and running.

How to Avoid the Installation of ByteFence?

Bytefence antimalware is mostly presented as a freeware. If you don’t want to install any freeware of this like into your device, you have to be careful of the popups you click on. Almost all softwares come with the freeware. This means you can choose to go ahead and install, or you can skip them. The rule of thumb does not introduce any program when you doubt its source.

When you access the internet using your PC, it’s essential to check it up regularly. Some malicious programs may invade your system without your knowledge.

PC users must be aware that the program can be installed in your device automatically without your knowledge.

 Here are precautions you must take at all times to make sure ByteFence does not install into your computer;

  • Avoid opening files; you doubt their source.
  • Scan every file you want to download.
  • Ensure the antivirus on your computer stays on at all times.
  • Always opt for custom installation options. Go through the attached programs you are about to install and deselect any software you don’t know about, and you doubt its authenticity.

What is the Use of ByteFence ?

The cybercriminals who use this program are in no way targeting specific users.  They do that for humor. However, these are the real risks associated with malware bundled within this program;

  • Machine crash. Some cybercriminal bundle virus in these programs to cause general harm to your device, including a computer crash.
  • Ruin your browsing experience. The cybercriminals use this program to frustrate the computer user. The user will browse without getting the desired results.
  • Spying. Cybercriminals can use this tool to have a field day in spying on internet users. Once the ByteFence program is running, they can monitor everything you are doing on your computer.
  • Spreading of known dangerous malware. A risky malware can be tactfully hidden in the ByteFence file. It can then be shared. The bundled malware can cause harm to your computer.

After realizing the intentions and the risks of ByteFence, what can one do to escape the damaging effects of this program?

  • Use a popup blocker. Since most of the malware’s are installed through clicking on ads popups, it’s essential to put on the ads blocker.
  • Don’t click on links you have doubts about their source — for instance, the popups of software offers.
  • Update your Windows. To avoid forgetting, always have an automatic Windows update on. Updated Windows are less prone to viruses.
  •  Avoid freeware. The softwares are mostly bundled with malware installer files. Avoid free sites.
  • Back-up. Ensure you back up all your data regularly. Your information is safe, even in the event of data loss.
  • Install and have antivirus running at all times.

ByteFence is not safe. It is created as a PUP, and it can be used by criminals to implement their evil intentions. In case Byte Fence enters your system without your knowledge, remove it immediately using a ByteFence anti-malware remover tool and install an antivirus quickly after.

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