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Installing Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard and Getting Pin from
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Installing Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard and Getting Pin from 

The internet offers solutions for almost every problem we encounter in our daily life. It offers the tips and tricks we need to end most of our problems. And many people have appreciated the power of the internet when it comes to installing the Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard and getting the pin from Installation of the Kodi 17.1 Ares Wizard is straightforward. All you need to do is follow the whole procedure and wait for the installation to complete. Unfortunately, the problems start when it comes to getting the PIN and activating the Ares Kodi. We will help you get the Pin and complete the activation. 

But first, what is Ares Wizard Kodi?

Initially, Ares Wizard Kodi was known for its three key features but later the developers decided to reduce the features to only one. The original version offered a section of installing build and add-ons in addition to maintenance. However, Ares Project Groups stripped off the first two features, which are add-ons and installing build, therefore, leaving behind the maintenance mode solely. But even after dropping the two features, Ares wizard still allows users to install Kodi Add-on and to generate the Pin from, which is a trusted source. 

Ares Wizard is among the popular builds available on Kodi 17.6 and it allows people to add great quality of Add-ons and stream television shows and movies. Currently, Ares Wizard is the only tool providing the best add-ons for movies and TV shows streaming. It is free to use and after installation, you can access all the third-party software from Ares Project. 

 With Ares Wizard, you can stream or record your favourite movies, TV shows, and the web series from the comfort of your home and on any device. The powerful OBS Streaming on Cloud Citrix VDI offered by Apps4Rent allows you to do that in addition to offering high-end technical support. 

Features of Ares Wizard

One of the things people love about Ares Wizard is the many add-ons that it allows them to run on their system. Most of the add-ons offer a great experience when watching and streaming TV shows and movies. Moreover, Ares Wizard is available at no cost and you can use it to access most third-party software tools from Ares Project.

It is easy to install and it is designed to work on most devices, including your Android device – any device running Kodi. It offers a great experience without buffering. Here are the other key features to expect. 

  • Kodi builds: after installing the Ares Wizard, you will be able to install many Kodi builds including Apollo, Pulse CCM, Titan and Fire TV Guru.
  • Easier to Maintain: with Ares Wizard, you can modify the Kodi app to match your needs. you can also adjust the cache size to decrease buffering processes.
  • Backup: with the backup feature, you can do a partial or full backup. To start the backup process, click on Backup and wait for the available options to popup. You can use the feature to restore the data you have backed up.
  • The More Tab: use this tab to reset the Kodi application to default. Instead of installing another app, you just need to reset the data. The process is timesaving and easy.
  • Internet speed testing: you can test the speed of your internet without leaving the Kodi system.
  • Log File management: file management is easy with Kodi. Ares allows you to upload your Kodi log files.
  • Add-on installation: installation of add-ons is easy when using Ares Wizard. That includes Exodus, SALTS, Phoenix and Sportsdevil. 

So, how do you install the Ares Wizard and get the pin

Before you even download the Ares wizard or prepare to install it, ensure that you are using an effective VPN as a way of maintaining your online privacy. The VPN will shield your identity during the installation of Kodi so that the downloading and installation will stay behind the site firewall. Ensure that the VPN you are using has qualities that cannot reveal any of your activities. 

Moreover, the VPN should not monitor your activities and log after choosing to browse anonymously. Some of the effective VPNs will charge you around $10 per month and most of them will offer you bonuses during the subscription. 

To install Kodi 17.1 Ares wizard, move to the top left corner and click on System. Navigate to the system settings and choose Add-ons. Toggle to switch on the unknown sources and type “Yes” without quotes. After that, click on File Manager and choose “Add source” so that you can add the source for PIN generation. In the source path, type in /. Press the OK button. 

Now, move to the name of your Media Source and enter a good name for the media source. For example, you can add your name as the media source but in this case, we will use GW as our media source and press the OK button. To open the Kodi home screen, click on the back button and from the home screen, you can choose Add-ons and click on the Package icon situated on the left upper corner of the screen. Click on “Install from a zip file” and choose the name of the media source we added as GW. Go back to your Kodi home screen. 

Move to the media source and choose “repository.aresproject” folder. In this repository folder, you will find another folder featuring a similar name to the Click on the folder and wait for a few minutes so that Ares wizard Kodi can load this folder. After that, you will need to enable the Ares Wizard addon and choose the Ares Project. Open Programs Add-ons and choose Ares Wizard to form the offered list. Click Install for the installation of Ares Wizard to start. The next thing should be Kodi building and generating the Ares Wizard pin from 

How to generate the Ares Wizard Pin from

Next, click on the Ares Wizard and choose Kodi to build. At this stage, you should open your smartphone or computer – different from the device you are using – and open Do not worry when the browser pops up a “not secure” message. Click on the “Advanced” link and then click on the “continue to the website” button. The website browser will redirect you to Select “Pulse Build Krypton” and click on “Install” to start the build Kodi pulse installation process. Wait until the process ends and restart Kodi.

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