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What Are The Best Stop Motion App for Android & iOS
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What Are The Best Stop Motion App for Android & iOS 

Perhaps, like most individuals, you did many things in childhood. One of the things you will find kids doing is using doodles to make flipbooks and piecing photos together to make a slide show. If you were among the kids who did such things perfectly, it is now the time to take the skill to another level. You just need the best stop motion app.

After installing any stop motion animation apps in your smartphone, the app will allow you to experience your creativity in film and video making. You will just need to add frame-by-frame images, which should contribute to a video in motion. Possibly, you cannot remember the number of times you have seen clay characters talking and moving. Such things are known as stop motion video outputs and you can make yours today. Here are some of the mobile phone applications that will help you do that.

Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio will never miss in the list of the best Stop Motion apps. That is because it is easy to use and allows the users to try their imagination side to come up with stunningly beautiful stop-action movies. Stop Motion Studio offers many basic editing tools such as cut, delete, paste, overlay, copy, grid and frame-to-frame. Moreover, this app allows you to use remote cams when taking shots and create action movies instantly. The pro version goes for $1.99 and provides HD resolution videos.


Motion supports both time-lapse and stops motion videos, a feature that makes it an excellent choice. And because it supports flipbook, you can use all the photos in your smartphone gallery to make slideshows. You will have a timer and manage to edit frames and add frames in addition to saving and exporting the videos. Unfortunately, when using the images from your gallery, the app will limit you to 30 images. It will crop the images automatically. You will benefit from onion skinning and grid layout features. It does not limit you on the number of videos you can make free of charge.

iMotion iPhone

The iMotion iPhone app is not going anywhere soon. It is among the most powerful stop motion apps and the most intuitive time-lapse apps that you can use to create your stop motion videos. With the app, you can add music and studio easily. To make a real stop motion movie, you just need to add music and voice.

Stop Motion Movie Creator

This great Stop Motion Creator from Mattel is the official stop motion video creator for minecraft. After installing it in your smartphone, you will manage to record, direct and even edit your stop motion videos at any time. Moreover, the app allows the personalization of apps with sound effects and original music tracks. For better results, you will need to use the on-screen movement guides and the onion skinning feature. Use visual filters to enhance your stop motion videos.

PicPac Stop Motion and Timelapse

PicPac Stop Motion and Timelapse is a great app from Animatives. It also allows you to make a time-lapse and stop motion videos without installing any other app. For the best videos, you can add audio and music easily. Use your gallery videos and images to make movies. Alternatively, you can use the already captured time-lapse images in your device. Another important feature you will love about the app is that it also hands-free sound control when the lapse manual mode. Add music and your voice, if it is important. It supports French, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish language. For better features, you will need to try the pro version.


Frameographer is among the free stop motion apps that help people make time-lapse and stop motion videos easily. It provides a perceptive and clear user interface. Capture and export as many HD quality videos as you want. The app allows users to change the shutter settings so that they can control the quality of videos automatically or manually. You will manage to capture videos in any place including in the worst weather conditions. Due to the frames per second adjustment feature, you will enjoy the production part. You add soundtracks from your iTunes library, use the pre-existing projects and use either the rear or front camera.

Stop Motion Cartoon Maker

If you need an app offering both stop motion and time-lapse, Stop Motion Cartoon Maker is among the few to try. This application for Android phones allows easier addition of audio and music when creating movies. It provides features for stop-frame photo shooting with union captured images in videos. In addition to viewing in the footage, you will also manage to set the frame rate of your videos.

StikBot Studio

Easier creation of videos on both smartphones and tablets has made the SkitBot Studio a popular choice for stop motion video enthusiasts. The app offers many features and capabilities. Some of the features you will love include the ability to add stickers, background editing and insertion of frames. Use the built-in camera or import photos from your tablet or smartphone gallery. Also, add sound effects, music or voice for great videos.

I Can Animate

One of the things we cannot forget to mention about I Can Animate is that it is easy to use and simple. After you have installed stop motion animation apps in your device, you will access all the offered features free of cost. Organize your animations into long clips for better management. After that, add sound effects for your audio library or record and import your voice or sound effects to make soundtracks. Capture stop motion videos against a green screen or customizable backgrounds and backdrops. Moreover, use various video locations such as under the sea and on the beach. The resulting videos will be of high-resolution quality.


Clayframes allows you to create both time-lapse and stop motion videos without switching apps. Apart from its ease of use, it provides many features. The onion-skinning feature and the transparent overlay facilitate faster editing. The result is smooth movement in the stop motion and time-lapse videos because of the alignment of the current shot with the previous ones. Add sound effects and music, record your voice and adjust the playback speed. You will also benefit from MP4 video exporter. 

Best Stop Motion App but Not Time Lapse Videos

With a good free stop motion animation app, you will create the largest number of videos possible. Stop motion apps are one of the most recent production technologies in the film industry. The above apps will help you learn – they can be your starting point or help you excel in the industry. Download several of them, try them and know what you need. Most of them will offer instructional videos for beginners.

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