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What Are The Best Rap Apps for Android & iOS
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What Are The Best Rap Apps for Android & iOS 

Rap is an iconic musical genre, which became popular in the last part of the 20th century. Rhymes, words, attitudes and beats make up the youth culture that spoke mature topics and the urban truth. Most of the rap songs appealed to the youth of those days, and the case applies today.  If you are an aspiring rapper, you can make as many tracks as possible without leaving the comfort of your home. You only need to download and install the best rap recording app on your smartphone. Here are the top rapping apps to try.

AutoRap by Smule

With AutoRap, from Smule, your rap music composition will be as easy as it can be. You just need to record your speech and the app will change it into a lyrical masterpiece. The talk mode morphs the user’s speech into a lawful sounding rap track. The inbuilt freestyle beats allow you to make your original rap songs easily. Even more, you will have a chance of selecting premium songs form artists like Nelly and Eminem. Challenge all your friends to join your rap battle. The rap recording app is available for both Android and iPhone devices.

Music Maker Jam

This is among the rap studio apps that do not limit you on the type of music you can make. You can use the app to make rock, hip hop, pop and any other popular genre. One of the things you will get on the app after opening it is hundreds of mix packs offering 500 loops like rock, bass, EDM and techno. You can make a unique sound each time you develop a track by adjusting the harmony and tempo. Moreover, you can remix tracks and work with artists and DJs from all parts of the world. It is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder

If you need an app that would provide you with uncompressed audio quality, try the Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder app. The app will save all your new tracks on your smartphone storage in AACC format, which means that you will have audios of great quality. You do not have to keep the screen on when recording. Use this best rap app to record lectures, classes and business meeting proceedings too. After that, you can tap and listen to every recording. Edit when a need arises.

Rapchat: Music Video Studio

Rapchat: Music Video Studio is a great choice for rappers and hip-hop patrons. Immediately after installing the rap recording app in your device, use the name generator to make a rap name and then start the rap music creation process. You can record on the spot and choose a beat from the lists supplied by the leading producers of the world. To sound like a professional, add vocal filters and use the audio editors. The app comes with predetermined settings to help you kickstart your recording. After a track is complete, you can share it with your relatives and friends.

Rap To Beats

The many quality beats available on Rap To Beats will help you start your rapping career. Use your phone’s microphone to record your music and write lyrics. After each is complete, you can share it on your favourite social media network. Save the rap songs to your SD card for lifetime storage. Unfortunately, the developers offer the app in English, Russian, German, Spanish and Portuguese. You can only use it on an Android smartphone.

Rap – Rap Record Studio

Most rappers will claim that this is the number one app when it comes to recording tracks. It offers hundreds of beats, which you can use free of charge. Write your lyrics on the app and after you are satisfied with the quality, start your recording project and finally share the results. Rap – Rap Record Studios offers perfect rhymes for lyrics with the inbuilt BattleMe rhyme search helper. Apply sound effects to the tracks such as reverb, auto-tune, synchronize and equalizer – without need for a musical instrument. Join rap tournaments and contests through the app and win your first cash prize. Follow your favourite rappers and have your following list.

Rap Wars

Among the best rap studio apps, you will find installed in the smartphones of most hip-hop artists and rappers in the Rap Wars. Apart from helping you make records and make rap songs rhyme, the app helps you share the music with other people. It is more like a music community platform. You will get many rap beats to try free of charge but if you need more features, you will have to get the pro version, which will cost you $2.99. It is only available for iOS devices. To remove the ads and continue using the free version, pay $1.99.

Battle Me

Battle Me is another leading app for hip hop artists and rappers. Apart from helping you create music, the best rap app offers you the chance to listen to your favourite tracks without having to download any other application. After you have recorded a song, you can share it with your friends and relatives to start a battle. The recording part is easy because you will have a long list of beats and music from big-name music producers. The smartphone app creates tracks and allows the users to record videos too. 


For people who would want to carry a recording studio in their pocket each day, the OffTop mobile app is worth consideration. You can record your tracks at any place or time and share them with your friends and relatives. The app comes as a combination of a notepad and voice memo. So, you can write your lyrics and record your rap song free of cost. It is a good choice for people who want to self-produce their rap songs because it allows recording of beats and electronic instrumentation.


If you are an aspiring recording artist, the KEAKR app is a good choice. It is among the rapping apps that are easy and free to use. To record your rap songs, there is no need for changing your device because you can run it on either iOS or Android devices. KEAKR has stood as one of the platforms helping young people prove their talent. If you are ready to prove you are a talented rapper, create as many tracks as you can and share them through the app. You can attain the Gold or Platinum status depending on your battle and voting.


The internet offers many tools to help you create rap tracks without leaving the comfort of your home. Home, smartphone applications are a better choice. Apart from being expensive, you can use them in any place. The above list will provide you with what you need to start your music career.

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