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No Internet? No Worries! Best Music Without Wifi Apps For Android & iOS
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No Internet? No Worries! Best Music Without Wifi Apps For Android & iOS 

One of the reasons people carry a smartphone in their pockets is to listen to music at any time and any place. If you are a music enthusiast, carrying a smartphone is not enough. You will need the best no WiFi music app to listen to your music. The internet offers many of them, but you should not install any that comes your way. Some will consume much of your data and give you a bad experience. Others contain a lot of malware and viruses that can damage your smartphone. That means you have to read the user reviews carefully to know what you are about to install in your device. Even more, if you have no Wi-Fi access, a no Wi-Fi music app will help you spend less money and listen to many songs. Here is our list of the best no Wi-Fi music apps on the internet today.


Currently, SoundCloud is the largest music community on the internet. According to their reports, the number of people who use it each month is over 175 million. It has over 40 million users and you are unlikely to miss your desired music track on it. The free music app no WiFi is available for both iOS and Android devices. After you have streamed your favourite music tracks, you will not need an internet connection anymore because all the files will remain on your device.

All you need to do is open the app and search for your favourite music tracks and the app will save it to your “Likes” field. The next time you open the app, you will be able to listen to every track on your “Likes” field offline. Remember to configure the app to offline listening so that tracks can download automatically.


Every application developer works hard to get a big market share and the developers of Spotify are not left behind. They have been adding more and more features to the app with the aim of increasing the number of users. Today, you can use the app without any internet or Wi-Fi connection. Among the key benefits the app offers is that you will have 3,333 songs in your offline play to try. In addition to music, the app supports digital comics and podcasts. 

If you choose the free account option, you will be able to keep 15 playlists each featuring 750 songs but without offline listening. To listen to music without a Wi-Fi connection, open Spotify and login to your account using your smartphone. Mark the playlists you want to access offline by tapping the grey symbols. Press Finish after they turn green. You will need Wi-Fi to synchronize your device for offline listening.


This app is around double the size of other large music apps like Apple Music and Google Play Music. The large music library, consisting of more than 53 million tracks from different genres allows you to get what you need easily. Unfortunately, the app is only available in 182 countries and people from 10 countries cannot access the content. Some of the copyright songs might not be available in your country. You will need a WiFi connection to download the tracks and listen to ads. To access an unlimited number of tracks, upgrade to the premium version. If you want to listen to music offline, switch on the Offline Mode.


For a long time, Pandora has been the leading app in the music space. Among the things that differentiate it from the key competitors is that it allows music lovers to interact with musicians without having to follow them on social media. After listening to your favourite music tracks, you will be able to access them severally without having to connect to the internet. However, to avoid privacy issues you will have to switch to the private profile. To benefit from offline listening, you will need to create stations.


Previously the Rhapsody app, Napster is among the pioneer music apps. Today, it provides over 40 million music tracks from different countries, artists and DJs. The user interface is one of the best and the users benefit from a great search tool. After the 14 days, the free trial period has ended, you will have to choose one of the paid subscription packages. When doing that, keep in mind that only the Premier package allows no-Wi-Fi streaming. If you love using your desktop computer to listen to music, you can opt for the desktop version.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music has been around since the year 2011 and it is only available for Android users. The app allows users to upload up to 50,000 music tracks, which they can then stream at any time. That means you do not need a hard drive or memory card to store your favourite music tracks. If you need to enjoy the music offline, you will have to download the songs on your device because enabling the data free music feature is very hard. Remember that the app is unavailable in some countries.

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon started as a bookselling online store but today it has expanded to the entertainment and digital world too. They released the Amazon Music Unlimited to help people access more music tracks easily. However, they only offer premium service that comes with a 30-day free trial. If your goal is to dance to music tunes offline, you will have to pay the subscription and then buy the tracks. Remember to configure your location and set the memory and cache on the application. After that, the music will be available without Wi-Fi. 

Apple Music

The Apple Music app is another premium music app that allows people to stream music and access it offline. After installing the app in your smartphone, you will manage to access music tracks from the cloud or directly from your device. Even though it is a premium version app, you can access as many music tracks as possible within the three months – the free trial period. Download the tracks from your favourite DJs and Musicians and save them on the device. That way, you will access them at any time whether you have an internet connection or not.


Bollywood has ranked Gaana as the top music app. In addition to that, this app enjoys a user base of more than 7 billion individuals. Even though you will find English tracks on the app, the developers focus more on Indian music. It allows users to access podcasts, stories and other forms of audio content in addition to music. You will have the chance of creating a playlist without downloading anything. For downloads, you will have to opt for the premium version, which is ads-free and allows unlimited downloads. Configure the auto-sync feature and download quality for the best experience. 


The Musify mobile app is another of the legal music downloader apps without WiFi to try. The application is more like a music community that allows people to access new music tracks and interact with many music lovers. After you have listened to tracks, the app will use history to recommend similar music. You can import more tracks from SoundCloud and listen to live DJ mixes, remixes and concerts. Musify allows background music playing and downloading for offline access.

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