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How can I Troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video not Working on Roku?
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How can I Troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video not Working on Roku? 

Amazon Prime Video is undoubtedly one of the most popular video streaming platforms since it allows subscribers to watch documentaries, TV shows, their favorite movies, and series. You must have an active subscription for you to enjoy endless content streaming on Netflix, which is renewed monthly. You must know all this because you want to troubleshoot the Amazon Prime Video not working on your Roku device. Read on to find out.

Troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video Not Working On Roku

Roku is also a premium streaming service that allows you to access lots of videos and other forms of content. Roku as a company was formed back in 2008 when Netflix decided to stop building streaming devices. The company would later rebrand the Netflix player to produce their first device in May of the same year.

Roku company has expanded to incorporate other video services, including Amazon Prime Video. The company also recently launched its smart TV sets and other streaming devices to provide better services to its subscribers. Don’t worry about missing out because you will still find Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other apps on the TV. Roku devices come loaded with these apps, and you can download more from the Roku app store to continue enjoying these nice services.

Being some of the best video streaming service providers out there, Amazon Prime Video works just fine in most supported devices, and you will rarely encounter an error while enjoying the service on Roku. However, technical glitches are inevitable, and there’s a chance that software, firmware, poor internet connection, VPNs, and malware may interfere with your streaming experience. The steps below will help you troubleshoot Amazon Prime Video on Roku;

1. Check the Internet

Video streaming services require an active and fast internet connection. Amazon Prime Video runs on at least 7 Mbps for High Definition (HD) and standard streaming. Check whether the internet connection such as home WiFi is turned on and the internet speeds are good. Sometimes, your internet service provider may be conducting periodic maintenance or experiencing a lot of traffic which may cause lagging.

You can also check the power cables that serve the home internet to ensure they aren’t broken or disconnected. Changing the internet router may also help because your router may be broken.

2. Check Whether Amazon Prime is Working

Servers go down once in a while, and the situation is no different with Amazon Prime servers. If the streaming service is not loading content and videos on your device, confirm that a similar case applies to all other devices. Try loading the app on another streaming or mobile device. If the app fails to function on the new device, you should wait until the servers are up again. If it functions properly, you have to look for other issues.

Sometimes, Amazon Prime Video applications may update in the background without your knowledge, in which case you will have to log in again. The check for background updates should fix the problem. If not, proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

3. Check your login Credentials

Double-check your login details because you may be trying to log into the wrong account with the correct details, which may prevent you from accessing customized products. Amazon Prime Video is a premium service which means users have to pay certain monthly or annual prices. Therefore, ensure that you have an active subscription for smooth streaming since the streaming service stops once the product expires. You can pay for a new subscription if the last one is invalid to continue enjoying the service.

If you are using a shared ROKU device, check that you’re signed in to your personal account and that not too many users are streaming from it whenever you want to enjoy Amazon Prime Video. Also, you and other users shouldn’t violate the terms and conditions or try to use the product in a different way from the stipulated one.

4. Check the VPN

ROKU and Amazon Prime Video streaming services are geo restricted, which means that they are not available in some geographic regions. Apart from the United States, the Roku platform is available in Ireland, France, and the United Kingdom, with Germany becoming the fourth European country to adopt the system in 2021.

Also, Roku has an app store with tons of apps for downloading and installation across Roku devices and smart TVs. Some people, however, prefer to install applications in Roku players through third-party platforms. These apps may interfere with your internet connection or be rejected outright by Roku, which forces some users to employ VPN services.

If you are such a user, ensure that you have an active VPN service for streaming Amazon Prime on Roku because, if you don’t have VPN, the streaming service may stop once it detects a foreign IP.

5. Update Amazon Application

Developers usually release an improved version of their apps to improve service provision and impress their clients. If you miss the latest update, the chance is, the outdated version will not work on your device. Confirm that your Roku device is running on the latest update from Amazon Prime Video before you proceed to the next troubleshooting step.

It is advisable that you set your Roku device to auto-update the Amazon feature, but if you haven’t, you can update to the latest version manually. Switch off your Roku and let it rest for some minutes before powering it on. This should update the device during the restart process.

6. Update Roku Firmware

Firmware is a unique class of software that makes the entire operating system of a device and enables the user to control, monitor, and manipulate the data functions of the said devices. Roku frequently updates its firmware to remove problems and bugs in the gadgets and introduce new products and features.

 Ensure that you update your streaming device or Roku TV firmware to eliminate some bugs that may be slowing down the outdated firmware. Amazon Prime Video streaming service will resume smoothly after restarting the TV. Always keep the auto-update feature on so that you don’t miss the latest products and features.

7. Re-log your Amazon Prime Account

Another trick to solve the Amazon Prime Video not working on Roku is logging out of the Amazon Prime account and logging in later, which ideally should solve some of the problems. Log in to your Amazon account using the ROKU device and use the remote control to navigate Settings on the Amazon app and select unregister the device.

To log back in, restart your Roku TV, proceed to Settings, and follow the provided prompts to register the device again, this time using correct Amazon Prime details.

8. Clear the ROKU Cache

Accumulated cached data is usually to blame whenever you are streaming Amazon Prime content and videos on Roku. You can solve the problem by clearing the cached files from your device. Use your remote control to navigate to Settings and press OK. Select Apps on the new page followed by Amazon Prime.

The device will open a new page where you should select Storage, followed by Cache. Select Clear cache and press the OK button to confirm your action, and you’re good to go. If you did not know, cache are short-term computer files that enable your electronic device to work faster because it will not keep reloading every time you switch it off or perform a different operation.

9. Uninstall and Reinstall Amazon prime on Roku

This is the most popular method to solve Amazon Prime problems on Roku, and it works like magic. Start the uninstallation process by powering on your Roku TV or streaming device. Look for a button labeled Home on the remote control and press it. Next, use the navigation keys to move right left and scroll up and down the pages and options. Once you find the Amazon Prime Video channel, press OK.

Look for the star labeled button on the remote control and press it to navigate to the options display page. Scroll down the options menu and select the remove channel option. The device will request you to confirm your decision. Click Confirm to uninstall the Amazon Prime Video app from the TV.

The installation process is straightforward because it is much similar to the uninstallation process. Here is how it works. Press the home button on the remote control to navigate back to the home page on your Roku. Use the navigational button to scroll down until you find the channels page. You will have to input the channel’s name in the search bar, in this case, Amazon Prime Video, and press OK for the device to begin searching. A list of channels will appear after the search process is complete, after which you should select Amazon Prime and click Add. The installation process is automatic, so no action is needed from you at this point. Once complete, launch the channel and enjoy streaming high-quality videos and other content.

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