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How to Activate TnTdrama on Xbox, Roku and Firestick ..
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How to Activate TnTdrama on Xbox, Roku and Firestick .. 

When did you use Roku for streaming last? If you have been using it, then you possibly know something about Tntdrama. But if it is the first time you have thought about using it, Tntdrama might sound like a new phrase to you. Tntdrama is a source of roughly 200 channels that you can stream through Xbox, Firestick and Roku. On TNT, people can stream both the traditional and the top channels such as CNN, CBS, Cartoon Network, TNT, TCM Turner Classic Movies, Boomerang and 34 dialects in over 200 nations, especially in Europe, America, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. 

It has been a good option for people who hate spending money on cable TV and those who opt for devices like Xbox, Firetvstick and Roku. You can connect TNT on your Android TV, Apple TV and most recent television sets. In fact, you can stream TNT channels on almost any device. The legal streaming source will not give you issues soon. If you are unable to add it to your television device, you can enable it on and stream the data through the television. 

How to activate Tntdrama

With the latest activate highlights (; you can associate your TNTdrama account with any device such as Xbox One and 360, Roku Media Player, Android TV and Apple TV. TNTdrama is a noteworthy selection for all-inclusive community and it might be better than the advanced TV sets that use devices like Xbox, Firestick and Roku, 

How to activate TNTdrama on Xbox

If you are among the many individuals who keep the Roku media for streaming, you can easily activate TNTdrama on the device. TNTdrama supports both Xbox One and Xbox 360, meaning that you can stream the content on your gaming console. To do that, interface your Xbox 360 or Xbox One to your television and switch it on. Download the TNTdrama app and install it on the Xbox device.  After opening the app, click on the setting symbol of your apparatus, snap your device on dynamic and choose TNTdrama. At this stage, Xbox comfort will spring up the initiation code on your television screen. 

Now, open on your computer or smartphone program and log into account. Enter your enactment code on the TV screen and submit the catch. TNTdrama will start connecting the Xbox to your Tntdrama account. Wait for several seconds and TNTdrama will pop up the effective message that you activated on the Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

How to activate TNTdrama on Roku Device

When using a Roku Media Player, you can empower highlight on the media player by following a few steps. Start by interfacing the Roku device with your TV with the help of a USB link. Switch on the Roku device and the television after connecting them properly. At this stage, you should download the TNTdrama app and introduce it on Roku. Click on the TNTdrama app to explore the settings symbol. Use your Roku remote control to do that.

Click on “activate your device” button and wait for the Roku actuation code to appear on your television screen. On your computer, open another tab (you can open it on your smartphone too) and visit Enter your Roku login information and choose your television provider from the offered dropdown menu. 

On your television, enter the activation code in the activation section and snap-on submit.  Wait for several minutes and TNTdrama will display a triumph message to inform you that the activation of Roku device on TNTdrama is complete.                                 

How to activate TNTdrama on FireTvStick

Amazon FireTvStick can connect to TNTdrama app. All you need to do is follow the right steps to complete the activation. Connect your FireTvStick to your television port and switch them on. After that, open Amazon app store, search for TNTdrama app and download it on your FireTvStick. Open settings on the TNTdrama app and choose “activate your device” button. 

Using your computer or smartphone browser go to Log in to your account and provide the activation code on your TV screen. The pairing process will start. Wait for the process to complete so that you can start streaming content from TNTdrama. 

How to activate TNTdrama on your Apple TV

On your Apple TV, open App Store, search for the TNTdrama app. Download, and install the app on your television by navigating to the apps section and clicking on the TNTdrama app. On the app, click on “Activate” and note your Apple TV activation code. Open your web browser and navigate to Choose Apple TV and click on the continue button. Enter your activation code on the TV screen and click Submit. After entering the correct activation code, the TnTdrama app will remain active on your Apple TV. When the activation is complete, you can browse all your favourite TV shows, programs and events. 

How to  ctivate TNTdrama on your Android TV

For Android TV users, activation of TNTdrama is straightforward. From your Android TV home, move to the apps row with the help of your remote control and choose Google Play Store app. Now, search for the TnTdrama app, download it and install it. Open the app and activate your device. Note the activation code of TNTdrama on your Android TV and open on your android phone or computer. 

Choose Android TV and click the continue button. Enter your activation code and click the submit button. After that, you will be prompted to sign in with your cable or TNTdrama’s network account to link to your Android TV device successfully. Proceed with the process of streaming TNTdrama content. 

After activation, TNTdrama should start working on your device but if it fails, you should check your internet connection to know whether it is strong enough. When the internet connection is weak, TNTdrama website will not allow you to open another screen where you can choose your media player. Typing the wrong activation code may lead to failures. So, always check the code to be sure that it is what appears on your screen. If your subscription on Roku has expired, you will not be able to stream anything.

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