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How To Activate Natgeotv Com on Apple TV, Roku & Smart …
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How To Activate Natgeotv Com on Apple TV, Roku & Smart … 

National Geographic’s Television channel is the home to many nonfiction shows ranging from the wild to weird, informative and thoughtful content. It highlights all the bizarre things about the world and because they do their work very well, some of the fans try doing many things such as paying for cable TV to access it. Satellite and cable TV companies charge a lot of money for various channel bundles, including National Geographic – you do not need to buy their packages to access the channel. You can watch National Geographic documentaries without satellite or cable TV – this guide will show you how to do it. Below are the services and techniques you can use to secure the live streams and ditch your legacy pay-TV contract. The activation processes are easy to follow and execute.

Watching the National Geographic TV online

National Geographic TV is a network television channel and it is therefore not available through satellite or cable TV alone. Satellite and cable channel providers have enjoyed the monopoly on network channels for many years. However, the rise of streaming services is likely to end the monopoly. You do not need cable to watch live National Geographic – not the on-demand shows or clips. We mean the real National Geographic live streaming. 

Live streaming services, known as skinny bundles, have many advantages over their cable counterparts. They stream online, meaning that you can watch the live TV on any device – they do not limit you to your television. You can load any of the streaming services on your Fire TV, Roku or any other streaming device to watch the videos on your huge screen, laptop or android device. 

Even more, the streaming does not involve any monopolies and the skinny bundles or slimmed-down channel bundles offer a menu of TV channels for less than those bloated satellite and cable bundles. You do not have to worry about the long-term contracts and free trials too.                                                                          

How to activate Natgeotv on Roku

Activating Nat Geo TV channel on Roku is not a big deal because it is among the most popular video streaming platforms. Perhaps, you already know that Roku offers over 50,000 TV channels, including the National Geographic TV. To complete the activation process, choose the device you would want to use for the streaming. When using a new device, you have to execute the guided initial setup. Ensure that the gadget is active and then continue with the activation instructions.

To add the channel, visit the Roku channel store, which offers both movies and TV channels. Start your search by entering the name of Nat Geo TV in the search bar. However, to access the store, you will require a Roku account. Login to your account and proceed with the activation. 

Now, click on the Nat Geo TV icon, which appears on the display panel of your streaming device. Select and continue with the App settings so that you can get your activation code. After you get the prompt, use the TV provider account to complete the signing. Click the URL and wait for a new page to popup. Type your Nat Geo activation code in the space that appears on the screen. Your last step should be to start searching the entertaining Nat Geo channel programs and streaming. 

How to activate NatGeoTV on Apple TV

National Geographic TV looks great on big screens. After signing up, you can stream on any of your huge screens because the skinny bundle services work perfectly on Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and Chromecast. To activate Nat Geo TV on Apple TV, download the NatGeoTV app on your Apple TV. After that, click on the setting gear icon and click the active device. Write your activation code on the TV screen.

Now, you can open a new tab on your mobile device and open You will be redirected to Enter your activation code in the TV screen and click to submit. Wait for a few minutes for the activation to end. You can now stream the NatGeoTV channel. 

How to activate NatGeoTV on Smart TV

If you already have a smart TV in your home, you can stream the Nat Geo TV channel at no cost. Moreover, you can customize your streaming experience by selecting your favourite programs and leaving out the others. To activate the channel, open your web browser on the TV and navigate to Add the activation code and watch your National Geographic TV channels. 

How to activate NatGeoTV on Xbox One Process

To activate the NatGeoTV on Xbox One or the Xbox 360 device, you have to visit htt:// page to submit your activation code. After your Natgeotv account is active, visit page to submit the code. 

Watching the NatGeoTV online

If you do not have any of the above devices, you can stream NatGeoTV online on your personal computer in HD. All you need is to open natgeotv/activate page. Keep in mind that NatGeoTV is restricted in some areas. 

Channel activation errors

  • If you encounter any error when trying to activate the channel, try the following tips.
  • Check and your activation code.
  • Verify the speed and status of your internet connection
  • Deactivate the NatGeoTV channel and start the activation process again
  • Ensure that your Roku account is valid and active
  • Restart your device and reset to help fix the errors
  • Use compatible devices when activating the NatGeoTV. If you are among the individuals who prefer Roku, read reviews to select the best models in the market.
  • Use a valid TV provider account. If that is not possible, choose an alternative TV provider.


If you are among the many individuals who love investing in the wild, you should not miss any program on NatGeoTV. The TV channel offers both entertaining and educational programs. Fortunately, today you can use your smartphone, smart TV or computer to stream the channel at no cost. The all-time documentaries include The Mars, Genius and Wicked Tuna. Start streaming today.

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